10 wonderful purple drank sizzurp. Number 6 is absolutely stunning!

Sizzurp is getting more and more popular every day. But, what about the different flavors and options? Well, with purple drank sizzurp, you have the opportunity to try hundreds of flavors. Some of this can be prepared with alcohol, but it is important to remember that the risks are going to be higher, the effects of the cough syrup are going to be intense, and they can lead anyone to a failure in their system, seizures and some more. Some other options even include one without the active ingredients of the cough syrup!

1 The Classic

purple drank sizzurpThis recipe was popular in the Houston underground rap scene 20 years ago. You will need, Blueberry vodka, grape soda, and grape juice. Adding this liquid will give your sizzurp a very tasty and colorful presentation that everybody will love. Remember that when mixing your traditional lean drug recipe with alcohol, the effects will be intensified and you should, therefore, be aware of this so as to protect yourself from any possible negative side effect.

2. Cranberry Purple Drank Sizzurp

This option is pretty simple and straightforward. It also offers two variants to the mixture. One of them is adding equal parts of cranberry juice and soda. Let’s say, that if you are preparing two liters of Texas tea, then you will need one liter of juice and the other one of your favorite soda. It is always recommended to use crystal clear soda so that the color of the cocktail is not altered.

3. Tall purple haze

This versiĆ³n of the magical cocktail is more refreshing and a little bit less sweet. To prepare this one, you will need to add 1 ounce of Chambord and add equal parts of lemonade and lemon soda. If you do not have lemon Soda, regular soda will also do the trick but be sure not to pick one with a darker color. Just not to ruin the presentation.

4. Purple Martini

purple drank sizzurpIn this case, the idea is to use Blue Curacao and Grenadine to create the beautiful purple color that defines the cocktail. This mixture is trickier than others since the sweetness of the Grenadine can make you forget how much you have drank so far. Remember that mixing alcohol is already dangerous, so be careful with this one.

5. Peachy lean Drank

Some people love the taste of a little peach schnapps to their sizzurp. Getting the right color can be difficult, so it is advisable to add extra purple candies to the mixture. The soda for this version is better felt if it is grape or lemon.

Some people avoid the whole cocktail part and go directly to the active ingredients of the mixture, which leads us to number 6:

6 Just chug the syrup first

If you want to enjoy the high you get when doing Codeine with Promethazine, just drink the amount of syrup you previously planned, on an empty stomach, then enjoy the soda and candy when high. Trust us; they will taste better. Remember not to use more than 100mg of Promethazine, or you will pass out and kill the Codeine buzz, and maybe yourself.

7 Different sodas, different colors

What if you do not want to play with doses and hangover? Just try different sodas, and you will get diverse types of lean syrup. Some of them may be darker, but they will all taste similar. Since Sodas are mostly composed of sugar and carbonated water, the experience of drinking the beverage will remain with pretty similar effects it does not matter what soda you use.

8 Sugar-free Purple Drank

It is not impossible, but it will definitively taste different. Many sodas have a sugar free presentation nowadays, and candies can also be found in a presentation that uses another type of sweeteners, such as fructose or sucralose. By combining the right syrup and the right candies, you can have a sugar free option for this Purple Drank Sizzurp.

9 Non-alcohol Sizzurp

This option is one of the most famous ones. Since mixing cough syrup with alcohol increases the chances of overdose and having nasty side effects, the version that does not mix is getting more and more popular. You can have the sugary taste of the drink and the stimulant and relaxing effects of the syrup without taking such a high risk.

10 Non-syrup Purple Drank Sizzurp

What about a cocktail that does not have cough syrup. Well, it is still purple so you can still enjoy a great time with friends without having to worry at all about the nocive effects of this recreational drug. Just mix your favorite soda with cranberry juice and some grape juice as well. You will have an awesome lean drink that will quench your thirst and give you no problems at all.

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