Month: August 2017

lean drug

The Hidden Agenda of Lean Drug

Any drug that has been classified as illegal has some hidden agendas and effects. The lean drug has continued to become popular despite being illegal. People are going to an extra mile to get hold of this euphoric substance. What we know is that this drug is popular among teenagers and young people in general. […]

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lean drink

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Lean Drink

You might have noticed that the classic staple codeine and promethazine has been recently taken off the shelves, but don’t worry you can still purchase some good ole’ purple drink without the harmful codeine or promethazine from a variety of online sources that are completely legal. In fact, many online stores carrying the sizzurp now […]

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actavis lean

Actavis Lean review – all that you need to know

Actavis lean, a very famous but yet a cursed drink that is made of Actavis cough syrup and other ingredients such as sprite, alcohol, candies, etc. Before we get started telling you about the different benefits of codeine cough syrup, we would like to make it clear that it is illegal to use this pharmaceutical […]

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songs on purple drank sizzurp

Top 12 Famous Songs on Purple Drank Sizzurp

Sizzurp is one of the most glorified drinks by popular hip hop artists. These young artists have had so much fun with drank that they have decided to make songs out of it. The way they write the lyrics shows how addicted to this controversial recreational drinks these artists are. Almost every rapper has more […]

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purple sprite

Sippin on some sizzurp? Nootropics can be good alternative ingredient for your sizz

Over the past decade, ‘Purple Drank’ has become popular with teens and those in their early twenties that seek a relaxing high. DIrt sprite – also known as sizzurp, syrup, or lean – is a concoction of prescription codeine-based cough syrup, soda (usually Sprite or Mountain Dew), and an optional Jolly Rancher for extra flavor. […]

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drinking lean

New age purple drank sizzurp-more good than bad

Purple drank sizzurp is a common drug that is made out of a cough syrup and a few other additives which people use to make themselves get high. Most of the hip hop stars dating from the past have been using this drug and also popularizing it in their music. This has made the influence […]

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