5 Doubts You Should Clarify About purple drank sizzurp

purple drank sizzurpPurple drank sizzurp has always been a mystery in the public sphere. Even the regular users don’t know what it includes and possible implications of the drink. All of them are satisfied with the overwhelming feeling, and they don’t have any remark about it. In our opinion, this trend is dangerous mostly for new users who could have some conditions related to the drink. Becuase of this, we will put forward some doubts and some solutions about lean, and you should consider them seriously.

A regular drink

Firstly, purple drank is not a relaxing drink which you can take in huge amounts every day. The drink is highly dangerous, and you should take care of your health before you take a glass of the sizzurp. If you choose to take a sizzurp which is made of all the illegal substances, this may do much harm to your health. The normal and traditional dirty sprite contains various ingredients such cough syrup (promethazine and codeine substances highly risky for your health), Sprite and Jolly Rancher. Each substance in the sizzurp is addictive, and once you start with the lean, it will become a long-lasting habit.

Positive/negative side

The next doubt about purple syrup is related to the side effects. People consider that the purple drank sizzurp have the only positive effects on their mood and abilities. They enjoy the feeling after the intake, and it makes them over the moon. However, you should not forget that this drink belong to the group of recreational drugs which boost the people’s mood in a short time but affects the body seriously. That’s why you should think twice before the next drank.


The following dilemma about this drink has to do with the history of the drink. The drink originally appeared in Houston, Texas and was not always the same in the flavor. The predecessors used to combine various ingredients to achieve better taste so we could see beer, wine, and other ingredients being included in the sizzurp. Today, the combinations are rare, and the typical lean must hold some syrup although it should not always be the cough syrup. Some people like combining alcohol or Vodka in the lean to boost the flavor.

Side effects

Finally, we must refer to the possible negative effects of the drink to your body. The first feeling you will have is certainly euphoria followed by impairments in the skill function, drowsiness, and lethargy. Then you will lose the feeling of your body, and the flavor of the drank will stay in your mouth for hours. You may get allergy, feeling of depression, constipation, problems with speech and bunch of other effects devastating for the body.

purple drank sizzurpRisk free purple drank sizzurp

Due to all the negative publicity of this sparkling drink, people find it very dangerous. They do not look beyond the negative effects of the traditional lean dranks and they do not bother to find out if there is a better option available. Thankfully, nowadays, you will find purple drank sizzurps which are made of all legal and harmless ingredients. These promise to give you the same effect when you drink it without any adverse effect on the health like the common sizzs which are made of illegal substances. So, do not get disappointed by all the bad talks, find the one that is approved and legal to consume and enjoy this new high.

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