5 facts that nobody told you about purple drank sizzurp

Purple drank is a candy flavored syrup concoction that gets the users high when ingested into the body. It has various effects in the body and can lead to the user being highly dependent on it thus to addiction. We are here as a game changer. There are a lot of facts that you may not have known about purple drank. Here are 5 of the facts:

It is a common drug

Though it is not very clear how many people use sizzurp, according to the survey, about one in ten teens use the lean. This makes it somehow common. As it is easily accessible and easy to make, lean drug becomes one of the most accessible drugs for users. Its popularity has been on the rise over the past few years and thus making it even more common.purple drank

It is dangerous

Just like many other drugs that are abused by individuals, purple drank is a dangerous substance and has a wide range of effects in the body. Among the effects brought by the drink include sedation. The drank is a sedative, especially when used in large quantities. It gets its nickname “lean” because it makes the users lean over after usage. Too much usage of this sparkling drink can also cause vital parts of the body to cease function.

The drug can cause failures in the central nervous system and respiratory systems which if dire, can lead to death. Other effects caused by the usage of this drug include nausea, dizziness, memory loss and seizures et al. You may be forced to think that because the drug is from the pharmacy, it is not that dangerous. This is false because the effects caused by the usage of the sizzurp can be deadly.

Our purple drank sizzurp is made without any harmful ingredients and you can enjoy this sparkling drink without any worries.

It can be deadly when mixed with other drugs

purple drankLean drank can be quite harmful if mixed with other drugs. For example, when mixed with alcohol, this drink can cause serious effects on the body system resulting in dire consequences which may even include death. We recommend you not to mix it with any harmful drags for the sake of your health and wellbeing.

It has several other names

The drink Texas tea has a wide variety of names which include syrup and lean. It is known as lean because it causes the user to lean over after ingesting it and experiencing its effects. It is known as syrup because it is treatment syrup for coughs. It is a mix of codeine-based prescription cough syrup, soda, and candy for sweetening.

It has been in existence since long ago

Although it may look and sound like a new thing, dirty sprite has been in existence since a long time ago and has been quite common in the hip hop industry. To be more precise, several artists have been affected by the drug and thus have even been forced to go into rehabilitation and also seek medical assistance. Artists such as Lil Wayne, for example, have been using the dirty sprite and have suffered several consequences out of the usage. Users who have made use of purple drank have cited difficulty in leaving it.


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