5 Reasons Why Purple Drink is Common in the USA

Purple drink is one of the most common recreational drinks in the USA. Hip hop artists popularized this drug in their music and lifestyle. Although many people have come to hear of lean recently, this drug has been around since the 60s. Many R&B artists have posted pictures of lean on their social media platforms. Let us look at some of the reasons why the lean drug is popular in the US.

sizzurpTaken by Popular Artists

Many young people love to be associated with celebrities and their lifestyles. Artists like Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber are very popular among young people. These are the most popular purple drink users. When people with significant influence mention something, it is bound to become a trend. These celebrities have sung praises of purple drank, and it’s an amazing feeling. Future, a popular rapper, rapped about how Sizzurp can drown your sorrows and the song became a sensation. The drug has been made popular by people who are deemed as cool by teens and youth.

Purple Drink is Easy to Make

purple drinkYou only need a prescription cough syrup, Jolly Rancher Candies, and sprite to have a great time. The sizzurp is prepared within seconds, and it does not require any expertise. Many teens and young people in the US prefer to use this drug because it is easy to make especially in a party. The ingredients are readily available and are not complicated. These ingredients cannot raise any alarm especially to parents of teenagers.


Most teens and young students cannot afford alcohol and other drugs. They opt for the more inexpensive sizz that is prepared with very basic ingredients. Some of these ingredients are affordable to teens that rely on pocket money from their parents. Anybody with a few dollars in their pocket can enjoy some Sizzurp. The prescription syrup is also readily available on the black market for very low prices.

Tastes Really good

Unlike most alcoholic drinks, the purple syrup is very sweet and smooth. Jolly Ranchers and sprite enhance the taste. The drink is then chilled with some ice cubes to give it the smooth cold flow. The sweetness plus the euphoria is irresistible to most purple drank users. Most prescription cough syrups are sweetened during manufacturing. The sweet taste is enhanced with candy and soda. Most teens in the US would rather sip on some drank than take whiskey and vodka.

It’s Addictivesizzurp

Codeine is a very addictive opiate. The more you take, the more addicted you get. When a person is addicted, they take the addictive substance to feel normal again. Most lean drug abusers take it before doing anything else. When you attempt to stop, the withdrawal symptoms are worse than your worst nightmare. Most people in the USA prefer to remain stuck to the addiction instead of experiencing the withdraw symptoms.

As popular as it may seem, the purple drink can be dangerous and fatal. It should be taken in moderation.


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