7 Innovative approaches to improve your purple drank sizzurp

purple drankPurple drank is famous syrup especially popular in the USA which was the first country that introduced the drink to the world’s market. Today the perfect mixture of codeine and promethazine in the cough syrup is the must have product, particularly in the area of Houston, Texas. People use to combine various ingredients to get the better version of the sizzurp which is not so bad considering that each individual should look for something better. In the space with thousands of recipes, you have to find the best version for yourself. That’s why we will help you to sample possible variations of the syrup.

  1. To get the best combination of purple drank: Try this wow mix; 1 ounce of promethazine or codeine, 1 ounce of tussin and same amount of vodka. These three mixture will give you the lean feeling you desire. Vodka will give you the most efficient pleasure to the sizzurp, and you will be satisfied with the mixture.
  2. To get a different vibe, sizzurp could be made with exactly same ingredients (codeine, tussin, and vodka) in addition to ice tea. The ice tea provides you with that tea sipping feeling. Sip and enjoy the new version of this purple drank. Ice drink is the great additive for this cocktail.
  3. If you want to make a more Innovative drink, then you could combine different components. For example, you could try to change the cough syrup with more natural types with less sugar. This is because each syrup is high in sugar which could negatively affect the health of your teeth.
  4. purple drankThe following combination of the purple drank is always made with Sprite drink. You can use the Sprite berry mix along with crashed ice. Some people prefer hawian punch or cheery Sprite to boost the flavor. It is of particular importance for Houston in the USA where the preparation of the purple drank is art.
  5. For those who like the original lean drank, as it was in Houston during the 60s and 70s, you can alter the cough syrup with the wine or beer. We estimate that this combination is not so addictive and dangerous for your health but could also boost your mood for some time. As the Blue music disappeared, the sizzurp drank with alcohol has been substituted with cough syrup. That’s why the risk is also higher than ever before, especially for the young people who are not familiar with consequences.
  6. The lean drank could also be found in the combination of the following ingredients: cough syrup (with inevitable substances as codeine and promethazine), soda with the lemon flavour and Jolly Ranchers. Some people would say that this combination is the typical representer of the drink, even if we have the more natural combination with lemon soda. However, most people prefer Sprite over the typical soda taste. In addition to these ingredients, Jolly ranchers are responsible for making the better taste with the sweet note.
  7. Purple drankThe last thing you can do to improve the taste of the sizzurp is to add the natural sweetener in the drink. People prefer Jolly Rancher for better taste, but it should be better to add some natural herbs or stevia for better aroma. The Jolly Rancher is the sort of alcohol and could easily lead to the side effects as depression, seizure, cardiac attest and death. That’s why you should always look for the alternative solutions and make your sizzurp drank improved.Finally, there are a lot of possible variations of the purple drank sizzurp.  Do your research about sizzurp, consult with friends and people who are professional regarding this combination and never exaggerate. Consult with the doctor for the dose and do not forget the possible negative effects of the sizzurp. By following certain instructions, you will adapt the sizzurp to the personal needs but also stay aware of potential issues related to the drank.

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