7 Questions About Actavis Lean Answered Truthfully

Actavis lean is a recreational drink that has been abused largely by young people and many have died or did a lot damages due to this. Since then, there are a lot of questions that have been asked. Here, we have listed 7 such questions and answered truthfully.

What is Actavis Lean?

actavis leanActavis is a pharmaceutical company that made their millions by promoting the popular and widely abused substance known as Lean. Essentially, lean is nothing more than codeine and promethazine cough syrup many adolescents and young adults pour into grape soda to experience a short-lasting euphoria. Using this drug recreationally has been known to cause dangerous side effects, and even lead to death.

What Makes Actavis Lean Popular Among Young Adults?

Lean, or purple drink as some know it, was made popular back in the early 90’s by famous rappers like 36 Mafia, and 50 cent who discussed how they loved to abuse and use this drug for recreational purposes. Did you know the famous artist Chris Kelly died due to an overdose of this infamous purple drink? Yes, unfortunately, it is true, and medical examiners listed the main cause of his death as codeine overdose. Just because you get away with taking it once doesn’t mean that it won’t catch up with you sooner or later.

Why Are You Taking Actavis Lean?

If you are taking codeine cough syrup, then I want you to ask yourself this question, “why are you taking this substance”? Also ask yourself this, “Are you just using it to get high”? If you are taking it as intended, then you probably have nothing to fear, but if you answered yes to the second question, please do some serious soul searching and think twice about using it again. If you don’t believe that anything bad will happen to you, well I hate to break it to you, but that is what everyone believes. Most people that use this substance are just looking for a good time or an escape from reality, but keep reading to learn more about the consequences this stuff can have on your body if you choose to neglect this advice.

Is it Safe For Your Body?

As stated previously, taking this substance under the guidance of a licensed physician will be safe, and have no bad side effects, but let’s talk about what happens if you take lean just for kicks. Well, taking this stuff for a long period can lead to some unwanted, and unexpected side effects, but start off by discussing the short-term side effects first. If you happen to be addicted and you quit this drug cold turkey, then you will experience intense pain, hallucinations, vomiting, night sweats, and you will start to feel these withdrawals only eight hours after your last dose.

lean drug

If that isn’t scary enough for you, then what exactly happens to your body after years of use? For starters, you have the chance to go blind, you can become sterile, and your brain chemistry changes, so you will no longer think with a clear mind until after about two years of abstinence. However, if you happen to overdose on this substance your breathing could stop, you could suffer a heart attack, and when you go into respiratory arrest, you have about ten minutes to get help before you ultimately succumb to the drug. Ask yourself this, “is my life worth it”?

Can it be Deadly?

Absolutely. Just use the reference above as Chris Kelly. He was an amazing artist, and he paid the ultimate price for abusing this deadly drug, because he used it without a doctor’s prescription, and he used it much more often than what would be prescribed.

Is it Still in Production?

Sadly, yes, but not by the pharmaceutical company Actavis. They deemed it fit to discontinue their version of the highly coveted codeine cough syrup due to the tragic opioid epidemic that America is experiencing today, and I wouldn’t blame them. Many people have died from using this product by being neglectful and just plain stupid, and most of these people that have overdosed died way before their time. Thousands of people could be alive today if they would have just said NO.

Should You Take It?

If it is prescribed to you by a licensed physician and you don’t intend to abuse it, then yes it can be safe for consumption; however, if you choose to abuse this drug, then you might never wake up again. Please keep that in mind, and just say no to abusing drugs for recreational purposes. You could just wind up being another statistic.

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