Actavis Lean review – all that you need to know

Actavis lean, a very famous but yet a cursed drink that is made of Actavis cough syrup and other ingredients such as sprite, alcohol, candies, etc. Before we get started telling you about the different benefits of codeine cough syrup, we would like to make it clear that it is illegal to use this pharmaceutical without a doctor’s prescription, and it is a scheduled narcotic in most countries.

That being said, if you do obtain it without a prescription and get caught, then most likely you will go to jail. However, if you are using it as intended, then here is a list of the potential benefits you are receiving from the cough syrup itself.

Benefits of Actavis Promethazine and Codeine Cough Syrup

Promethazine and Codeine have several benefits when taken as recommended by your doctor.actavis lean

  • First, the promethazine is an antihistamine that can relieve watery eyes, an itchy nose, itchy throat, and it can even stop a runny nose.
  • Codeine, on the other hand, binds to your opioid receptors in your brain that can help suppress a severe cough, and relieve pain better than most over the counter pain killers on the current market.
  • Sometimes this combination is given to patients that are suffering from severe sinusitis, or bronchitis.
  • In fact, when most people have a bad bout with bronchitis they usually end up with terrible pain in their chest from the constant coughing which most over the counter cough syrups cannot combat. However, codeine cough syrup has been a tried and true method for stopping the pain and the cough dead in its track for several decades.
  • Codeine is also sometimes used for treating mild pain after a patient has undergone surgery.

Unfortunately, codeine isn’t used as often as it once was, due to the development of newer and more potent opioid drugs like hydrocodone, and oxycodone.

What About the Bad Publicity of Actavis lean?

For many years Actavis made premium codeine and promethazine cough syrup until it became very popular among famous rappers who used it in their lyrics for countless songs. Rappers like Juicy J from 36 Mafia would often rap about “sippin on some sizzurp”, and that purple drink, which referred to this mixture, and they encouraged wide spread abuse of the drug.

The drink, purple drank sizzurp or sizzurp or lean or Actavis lean, became famous in Texas as a recreational drink and soon got spread in all over the US and other countries. actavis lean

Soon, many rappers started referring to this drug, and it became an enemy of the media. The media portrays this drug for having a high potential for abuse which isn’t necessarily true. Most people that were abusing this drug were already addicts; however, when the media picks a target they don’t stop attacking that specific target until they generate mass hysteria among the general public. If you pay attention to any current news organization, then you should start to notice this kind of trend over and over again.

So, is Actavis lean Bad For You?

If you take Actavis lean for recreational purpose and if you overdose this substance, then no it is not good for you. But, if you take this cough syrup in the recommended dosage by the doctors, then it is not bad for you, and most likely you will not develop an addiction. While preparing the purple drank sizzurp, if you keep the amount of Actavis syrup in recommended dosage, then you can enjoy the sizz without many worries. But, in most of the cases, people, in order to get high, mixes an unhealthy amount of this substance and that leads to all the complications and negativities. So, what is the safe and recommended dose?

Recommended Dose

Promethazine – 6.25 mg/ Codeine 10 mg/5 ml
Average effective dose – 5 ml orally and should be taken at a 4 to 6 hours gap.
Maximum dose – 30 ml (promethazine 37.5 mg; codeine: 60 mg) and should have a gap of 24 hours between every dose.

However, if you notice that you are having severe side effects from the medicine like swelling of the tongue, or shallow breathing, then please contact 911 immediately because these side effects are life threatening. Most prescription drugs given by a doctor will never harm you unless you abuse them, because if they posed a real risk, then doctors would not be able to give them in the first place. That doesn’t mean you can or should drink an entire bottle of this cough syrup, because abusing drugs like that could wind you up in the hospital due to an overdose.

How Should I Feel About Actavis Lean?

First and foremost, you should treat and respect codeine cough syrup like any other medicine. After all, it was designed for medical use, but it was not designed to use recreationally. Always use medicines as intended, and never abuse drugs of any kind.

Now, in case of Actavis lean, do not overdo it. Keep the amount of Actavis as prescribed or use a different lean drank that has no harmful ingredients. Don’t believe everything the media tells you, and don’t believe codeine is an evil drug, because this medicine has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years for the same things we use it for today. For more information on codeine please call your doctor or local pharmacy for a list of side effects and other uses.


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