The Actavis lean is a highly addictive cocktail drink that hails its name from the fact that its users tend to lean over after usage. It is made up of ingredients such as promethazine and drinks such as sodas or fruit juices. Various users have other additives that they use in addition to the ingredients to enhance the taste and strength of the drug. Thus it becomes addictive and difficult to leave after long usage. These substitutes are sometimes the ones that increase the dangerous effects caused by using the drug.

Remember, the adverse effect of this drink occurs only when you overdose it. When you follow the recommended dosage, there are no serious health consequences. So, the choice is yours. Buy sizzurp syrup at a limited amount to prepare a safe, tasty and enjoyable sparkling sizzurp drink.

actavis lean

Purple drank sizzurp contains all natural ingredients. The most common ingredient of the Texas tea, however, is over the counter cough syrups. Such is easy to access in the United States and thus gotten quite quickly by the users. There are grave effects that present themselves in case the cough syrup is used in large doses contrary to small and controlled dosage. This is usually the case with lean usage as lean utilizes large doses of the cough syrup which becomes quite dangerous.

This drink is normally purple in color and can be easily gotten in the streets. Mostly it goes by the name purple drank. The name purple drank became famous mainly because of the hip hop industry in the USA which made it very popular. Hip hop artists from the past and present have been known to use and popularize the usage of purple drank, and thus the drug has gained a lot of influence. A lot of individuals use purple drank and thus listening hip hop increases the urge to look “cool” and blend in with the rest. This, therefore, creates a chain of users thus being easily accessible to most young individuals. It has been proven beyond doubt that usage of Actavis lean is dangerous and giving examples in the hip hop industry to be more precise, hip hop star Lil Wayne has been one of the affected celebrities using purple drank thus leading to serious addiction among other deadly effects.

actavis lean

Dirty sprite is treated as dangerous, if not taken carefully, for some reasons. The biggest problem with it is because it is widely popularized and easily found as well. We will look at some of these known reasons below in detail:
• Addiction.
• Causes drowsiness and sedation.
• Leads to a slowed heart rate.
• Causes loss of balance.


This is probably the most dangerous effect caused by Actavis lean. This is because due to addiction, other effects come along. When one is addicted to a substance, they become used to it up to a level which the body can’t function properly without it. This makes the body gain close contact with the substance which is now known as addiction. When a user is addicted to purple drank, they will use it on a continuous basis which will then lead to further complications in the body. The reason why the users of this substance become addicted quickly is that the drug is quite common and easy to find in the United States and also, there is a lot of pressure and influence from the hip hop music industry and fellow teens. These factors make it easy for the substance to spread irrespective of the ban on it. lean drank

Causes drowsiness and sedation

Sizzurp is a deep sedative when used in large dosage. This can cause low performance in places of duty or work and thus lead to more harm. The drowsiness and sedation may come unexpectedly and thus cause a lot of disadvantages and short comings. This happens due to an altered state of mind which causes the brain to operate abnormally thus unexpected sleep and drowsiness.

Leads to a slowed heart rate

The heart rate is the rate at which the heart beats. This rate should be kept at a constant rate and thus using drugs and other substances lead to the interference of the heart functioning. This happens through the reduction in the rate of heart beat and thus leading to decreased activities in the body. This can be very deadly, and thus it is not advised to use Actavis lean. This decrease in heart rate is also risky in that the possibility of a heart attack is quite high. The additives in sizzurp drank are also quite harmful as they are the ones that are responsible for the dire effects of the substance.

Causes loss of balance

This element causes the body to lean over after usage. This can lead to imbalance and loss of posture. This would, therefore, cause the user of Actavis lean to walk in a sideways manner as if lame or retarded, which is not a good thing if you try and imagine it. This imbalance is quite dangerous especially walking on the streets or working for example on machinery.

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