Are you drinking lean syrup for the first time? A guide for beginners

If you are here, you have probably heard about lean syrup, purple drank or sizzurp. This magical drink is getting very popular among young generation lately. This mix consists of large amounts of cough syrup with soda or candy. Cough syrup can contain up to two types of narcotics and if consumed more than recommended dosage, it can alter your bodily functions and make you experience lethargy and in some cases, euphoria.

If nothing is going to stop you at this point and you are too keen to try out this in lean drank badly, then read our recommendations compiled for you, the new dirty sprite user.

lean syrup

  1. Every time you take this sparkling drink, you must add the amount of cough syrup that is recommended as safe.
  2. The active ingredients in Sizzurp, aka the drugs, are present in the cough syrup. You must never use more syrup than you planned to because you will be under the effects of the drugs and would most likely overdose and have a bad time. lean syrup
  3. So, select the amount of syrup, mix it with the other stuff that is not drugs, and save it for the occasion.
  4. You should measure the total amount of narcotics you are going to consume before drinking lean syrup.
  5. Grab a calculator and decide what dosage is safe for you, based on the proportions of the drugs per ounce or MLS, this can be found on the label of your syrup.
  6. Codeine is the main narcotic, it is not as dangerous as promethazine, but you shouldn’t use more than 300 mg on your first time.effects of purple drank sizzurp
  7. Promethazine is the second active ingredient of cough syrup. And the one you should be careful about. It can knock you unconscious and later stop your heart and cause your death. Hazardous doses can be about 100mg or even less. Some people don’t even add it to the drink because of the way the musician Pimp C died.
  8. It can also kill the sensations provided by codeine when used excessively. In other words, restrain from using it at all or start with a minimal quantity, much lower than 100 mg and don’t add more.
  9. Stay with friends. Not being alone is the primary element when drinking the Texas tea. Most of the fatal cases known by overdose have happened to people that were drinking alone.
  10. If somebody overdoses, call an ambulance. You may not feel the effects of purple juice abuse because you are going to be intoxicated. But a friend can tell if you are drinking too much and can stop you. If the abuse continues, this friend can also ask for help and call medical assistant if necessary.lean syrup

Bottom line, drinking lean syrup can be fun, but it can also turn ugly when measures are not taken seriously and when you rely on it just because its ingredients are legal.

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