Are you drinking lean? Here is the Rise of the Legal Lean Drink

A new craze has been trending lately. It’s popularly known as the Lean drink. Many celebrities and professional athletes have been hooked on drinking lean. This has, in turn, made the drink a hot topic among teens and college students who adore them and think it’s cool to use the Lean drink.

The uncool thing is that the popular Lean drink is illegal! Although there is a new legal drink, we’ll first explore the origin of the illegal drink, then come to the crux of the matter: the ultimate, legal concoction.

The Illegal Sizzurp Drink

It is a recreational drink made from prescription cough syrup, usually mixed with soft drinks, hard fruit candy for ‘extra sweetness’ and mostly alcohol.

Examples of slang terms for the cocktail are sizzurp, lean, syrup, drank, purple jelly, Texas tea and dirty Sprite (doesn’t sound that appealing!)

‘Purple jelly’ is typically drank from Styrofoam cups or double cups as some users like to call them. It was nicknamed ‘lean’ as it makes users want to lean on objects for support.

It gained popularity in the ‘80s and ‘90s in the underground rap scene. Regarded as a source of inspiration for the chopped-and-screwed style of hip hop music, it has since been embraced by pop culture.

songs on purple drank sizzurpRecent references to the drink via social media, lyrics and music videos has resulted in its mass spread among young people, especially those interested in the latest fads. It seems to be their beverage of choice, a preferred method for getting high.

Some prominent hip hop artists have glamorized sizz, terming it as the in-thing for young people who are in the know! This is shockingly misleading since the side effects of illegal lean are something you don’t want to deal with.

How Illegal Purple drinks are Dangerous

The super-sweet combination of soft drinks, fruit punch, and cough syrup is highly appealing to first-time users. The sweet mouth-feel is said to linger on the tongue for a long time.

Drinking Lean is highly addictive since codeine, the main ingredient belongs to a class of drugs associated with a high rate of addiction.

Here are the unpleasant side effects of illegal lean:sizzurp drink

• It is a respiratory depressant. When taken in large amounts, it can make the user stop breathing. Quite chilling, right?

• It increases the chances of getting a seizure. Including alcohol and drugs in the already dangerous mixture leads to more horrifying problems for people susceptible to seizures.

• High risk of overdose. Drinkers can easily lose track of how much they have consumed since the cough syrup is masked by delicious flavors of soda and candy.

• Drug tolerance. Chronic use can lead to physiological dependence, making users need more amounts of sizz to experience the desired effects. This ramp-up of Texas Tea only becomes more hazardous.

• Endless undesirable effects. Drinkers are prone to dizzy spells, blurred vision, memory problems, nausea, dental decay, constipation, urinary tract infections, hallucinations, and inertia.sizzurp

• Difficult to discontinue. Trying to stop regular usage results in serious withdrawal symptoms like trouble sleeping, muscle aches, runny nose, abdominal cramping, dilated pupils and anxiety. The list could go on depending on how the user has been affected.

• Death. Long-term use of drinking lean causes life-threatening complications like coma or death itself. The risk of death is highest when combined with other sedative drugs or depressants such as alcohol.

To escape from the undesired withdrawal symptoms, addicts often re-consider continuous use of purple jelly, creating an endless, deadly cycle of abuse.

How to Avoid Drinking Lean when it’s Illegal

No matter how fashionable the names sound, we have realized it doesn’t look so cool to be an addict. Users of sizz who want to stop can get treatment in these ways:

• Detox. It is advisable to get into a medical or formal detox program. It is a short-term treatment which will get them through the first few days as safely as possible.

• Inpatient treatment programs. Users live at the facility to receive 24/7 care and constant supervision. This increases chances of recovery.

• Outpatient treatment, which involves occasional check-ups, probably a few times in a day.

• Support groups. It’s a more casual, self-paced setting with people who have gone through the pain of using lean. They share their experiences and offer each other support.
If you are not a drinker of illegal lean, it is best to consider the new, approved product as discussed next.

The Legal Lean Drinkdrinking lean

The recently launched Purple Drank Sizzurp is the ultimate cocktail. It is the new cool drink, specially designed to energize you without any harmful effect.
The creation of the amazing herbal concoction came about upon realization that there is an overwhelming demand for a safe drink.

The manufacturers of Purple Drank Sizzurp figured that Codeine cough syrup would soon be pulled from the shelves due to increased abuse. So they became determined to create a legal, safe product.

Why Purple Drank Sizzurp is Legal

It is made up from a combination of nootropics, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients trigger euphoria and a calm state, surpassing other purple drank imitations.

Purple Drank Sizzurp does not contain the dangerous ingredients found in other illegal mixtures.

How the Product is Different from Illegal Lean Drinks

purple drank sizzurpLegal lean is more of a dietary supplement manufactured with your safety in mind. It is an all-natural syrup specially designed to help the brain reach a state of relaxation. It is a remedy for stress – all you have to do is sip it and chill out!

You don’t have to worry about the unpleasant side effects mentioned earlier while drinking lean – Purple Drank Sizzurp will make you feel even better and get you lit without harmful effects.
It has been tested and approved. This will make you want to try it out. Plus positive feedback from satisfied customers. You are eager to google it now…

The company is excited to share this new amazing phenomenon with you – they know you will be dazzled by the ‘lean’ their Purple Drank Sizzurp gives you! So, if you are in to “drinking lean”, try the legal purple drank sizzurp.


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