The Most Effective Ways to Overcome Lean Drug Problem

lean drugIllegal abuse of the lean drug can lead to addiction. This is because the drink contains excessive amounts of codeine, which is an opiate. Opiates are a class of highly addictive drugs. Many abusers of lean are influenced by celebrities who brag about their experience with the concoction on social media and music videos.

It is hilariously shocking to note that most users are aware of the hazardous effects of lean, yet they continue to abuse the drink. They seek help when it’s almost too late. By this time, most addicts have probably tried to stop on their own, but sadly have a relapse because of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

The most common, troublesome withdrawal symptoms of lean drug are dilated pupils, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, muscle aches, slurred speech, hallucinations, runny nose, irrational yawning and abdominal cramps. Causes of withdrawal are mainly tolerance and dependence.

lean drug problem

Lean Drug Tolerance

Lean Drug tolerance refers to when your body needs more of codeine to feel the desired effects. Tolerance depends on factors like how long you’ve been taking the drug and your behaviour and perceived need of the drug.

Lean Drug Dependence

With time, your body becomes more tolerant to codeine, and you begin needing the drug to function normally. Dependence makes addicts need codeine to prevent withdrawal symptoms. This can result in a dangerous cycle where the user abuses more of the drug. Consequently, this overuse increases the possibility of more life-threatening side effects.

To overcome lean addiction, you need more support. Accomplishing this on your own is impossible. Here are ways you can beat the addiction:

Sign up for a detox program

detox program

It can be achieved by spending time in a sauna, nutritional supplements, and moderate exercise. Nutritional supplements make withdrawal tolerable by calming your body’s reaction to the symptoms. Residues of the drug are flushed out. As a result, you get lower cravings for lean.

Go for inpatient treatment or Outpatient treatment

This is for more serious cases. Addicts live at a health facility and receive 24-hour attention. It increases their chances of faster recovery.
You can visit your doctor regularly for occasional follow-up and check-ups.

Get professional counselling. Proper counselling gives you hope and relief from the despair caused by addiction. A good counsellor will give you essential guidelines and follow up on your case until you overcome your problem.

Join a support group

A group like Narcotics Anonymous facilitates recovery by incorporating real life stories, useful literary materials, and a support system. Success stories of overcoming lean addiction can give you more willingness to make the necessary effort. You will realize that it’s very much possible to get over the lean addiction.

Learn sober life skills

After getting a fresh viewpoint, you can move to the next level, with the drug out of your system. These skills will be valuable in your new life after rehab.

If left untreated, lean addiction can lead to chilling complications, a coma or even death. It’s safer to avoid illegal lean – and seek help if you are a victim.


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