Five Effects of wrong Purple Drank Sizzurp Abuse

What do we mean by wrong purple drank sizzurp? Well, we refer to the lean drank that is made of all illegal ingredients that are harmful for the health. We believe in right and legal ingredients and we must remind you that once you consume the right purple drank, you don’t get any adverse effectpurple drank sizzurp Drinking sizz is all fun until it affects your health. For this kind of leans, main ingredients are codeine and promethazine. These two ingredients are narcotics and highly addictive when taken for long. Below are some effects of purple drank sizzurp abuse.


Opiates like codeine are highly addictive when taken for long. A person develops a dependence on the drug and finds it difficult to do without it. Addiction comes with consequences such as withdrawal symptoms. Common withdrawal signs are:

  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucination
  • Irritability
  • Depression and anxiety

People, who have become addicted to sizz, have had a rough time trying to cope. High profile footballers have lost their jobs because of sizz addiction. Famous celebrities have admitted that it is difficult to quit lean once one gets addicted.

Respiratory Problems

Drinking codeine and promethazine for recreational purposes can cause severe damage to the central nervous system. Some short-term effects are the loss of motor skills. When this drink is consumed for long, the ingredients can stop the lungs from functioning. This can result in death.

Promethazine is used to sedate and relieve pain. An overdose can have severe damage to the respiratory system. Patients have reported shortness of breath after consuming the wrong sizzurp. The damage occurs when promethazine and codeine are used together.

purple drank sizzurp abuseImpaired Vision due to purple drank sizzurp abuse

Taking an overdose of any drug is harmful. One of the major effects of purple drank sizzurp abuse is impaired vision. You might have noticed a few friends struggling to see after consuming lean syrup. The pupils become constricted. They also do not respond well to light. The result is blurred vision. The body loses touch with other organs including the eyes. The result is an uncontrolled movement of the eyes.


Many young adults add alcohol and other drugs to their dirty sprite. Alcohol causes dehydration. The result is chronic constipation. Codeine also causes severe constipation by slowing down bowel movement. Abusing codeine will do you more harm than good. A combination of codeine and alcohol is lethal. It is recommended to take lots of water to relieve the pain and seek medical advice.

Death and coma

All these wrong ingredients can take your life. Cases of death and coma from Texas tea overdose have been reported. The major cause of these deaths is codeine overdose. It is the main ingredient of dirty sprite, and it gets abused frequently. The damage could extend to the central nervous system and the respiratory system. Organ failure is the leading cause of death. The lungs and the heart can stop and result in death. One of the immediate side effects of this drink is the slowed heart rate and difficulty in breathing.

The effects mentioned above are among the many dangers of consuming lean. Some of these effects are life threatening. If you are already abusing the drug, the chances are that you are addicted. The good news is that you can overcome addiction. With therapy and rehab, you can put purple drank sizzurp abuse in the past. All you need is the right attitude and the right friends.

You have another better choice! Turn to the right and legal purple drank sizzurp that are made of legal and approved ingredients. This way, you do not harm your health and also can enjoy the same high!

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