Five things to Know About Legal Sizzurp

Since codeine and promethazine are no longer being made, and for a good reason, then it is time to switch to a much safer and legal alternative. Yes, we are talking about legal sizzurp, and many companies do make it, so don’t worry, you can still look chill with your boys sippin on that purple drank!

What is Legal Sizzurp?purple drank sizzurp

Legal sizzurp is usually made from safe herbal extracts like caffeine, and guava juice with purple food coloring to give that authentic purple drank look. Many companies also make a chill version of the drink which helps you relax and unwind for the night. Nootropics is also another ingredient that is used to make a purple drank sizzurp that reduces stress and improves the cognitive ability of your brain.

However, you don’t have to worry about any negative impact of this drink as there is no narcotics in any of these products, so no need to worry about legal consequences if you are caught with this stuff.

Why Should You Drink Legal Sizzurp?

legal sizzurpThis is a question that is asked quite often, and I have a few responses for you regarding this topic. My first response is as follows, do you want to go to jail if you are caught using codeine and promethazine recreationally? In most countries, codeine is a scheduled drug that has to be prescribed to you for you to take it legally. My second response is, do you want to risk your life just because you are trying to have a good time and chill? I think not, and if you don’t know about some of the risks associated with codeine and other opioids, then let’s discuss some of them while you are visiting this page.

Can Codeine be Harmful?

When abused for recreational purposes, codeine can be very harmful, and you can even risk death if you overdose on it. Isn’t that a scary thought? You can stop breathing if you ingest enough of the drug, and you better hope someone is around watching you because you only have a few minutes to be revived if you happen to overdose. This drug has made headlines over and over again throughout the years, and some famous rap artists have died from using this stuff.

Furthermore, if you don’t pass out from an overdose, then you can run the risk of having a heart attack if you use opioids for an extended period of time without being under the supervision of a doctor. You shouldn’t take any drugs for recreational purposes because most of them are extremely dangerous, and that is why most countries require a medical prescription for you to be able to acquire them legally. Many people don’t realize that they are playing with fire when they take these substances, and that is mostly because they are ill informed.

Don’t be a statistic, do you research, and if you want to look cool while you are kicking it, then purchase some legal lean that is non-toxic, legal, and actually good for you. If we forgot to mention, most legal lean is packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals that will help your body fight off colds, infections, and miscellaneous viruses, so hey it’s a win, win situation for you.

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