Purple Drank Sizzurp

Welcome to the Purple Drank Sizzurp home page! You’ll be able to find various information regarding Purple Drank Sizzurp here and expand your knowledge. There are a lot of things you might not know regarding purple drank sizzurp, but that’s why we’re here – to help you understand it!

What is purple drank sizzurp?

Purple drank sizzurp is a concoction that is gaining popularity each day. It’s made from mixing codeine, promethazine, and Sprite or Mt. Dew. This might sound like a nice, refreshing drink but it’s far from it. It can cause the person drinking it to experience mood swings, most often short-term positive mood bursts. However, this lasts for a very short time. After the effects pass, you feel drowsiness, lethargy, complete lack of emotion, and various other symptoms.

These aren’t the most dangerous effects though. You can overdose on sizzurp and even get sick if not controlled. We aren’t exactly sure who created this concoction, but we’re sure that it was in a fit of brilliance.

The defeating side of this is that even though many people are running campaigns that are trying to fight the expansion of purple lean, it’s simply not working and the purple syrup is gaining popularity as we speak. An unfortunate turn of events seems to have also boosted the expansion of the lean drank, which is a bit confusing as the events themselves shouldn’t have had such an influence.

How is it made?

As we have already mentioned,  the lean drink is made from a couple of cough syrups and common fizzy drinks, most often Sprite or Mountain Dew. Another piece of information you should know is that the purple drank sizzurp contains around 25 times more cough syrup than the recommended dose! Here is the catch! You can reduce the amount of cough syrup and make the Actavis lean less dangerous. An excessive amount of syrup is incredibly dangerous as it can lead to an unwilling overdose which can have lasting consequences. The whole point of drinking purple drank is to feel good for a low price.

As it stands, drinking purple drank is dangerous if not taken in recommended dosage. A couple of people have died from the over usage of the Actavis syrup, so we implore you to reconsider this trend and simply do not make it a habit. We won’t stop you from trying it but remember, excessive use of any recreational object is harmful and so do not risk your health.

When did it become famous?

Purple Drank’s origins can be found in the 1960s when people started combining things that shouldn’t be combined. However, the sizzurp itself exploded during the 1990s thanks to rapper DJ Screw. DJ Screw himself mentioned the drink in a couple of his songs, which is often regarded as the reason behind the popularity of sizzurp. It can safely be said that DJ Screw caused the trend to come to life and cause teenagers to start consuming the lean drug.

Houston back then was the perfect ‘breeding ground’ for sizzurp’s expansion. People used to take long drives in Houston, and DJ Screw’s music was ideal for this. His music was slow and relaxing. The mention of promethazine syrup in his songs was something that people never heard before so, naturally, they started wondering what it is. Ever since finding out, people have been having issues left and right. It’s our job to spread awareness of it and to motivate people to stop using it.

Purple Drank’s popularity also exploded when rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized due to seizures he experienced after drinking lean drank. He has since created a campaign to fight against it.

Effects and benefits of Purple Drink Sizzurp

  • There aren’t many health benefits that come with drinking sizzurp. The only ‘benefit’ that Actavis lean brings is the short-term feeling of happiness and satisfaction while partying.
  • This drink is easy to prepare and thus a party favorite in the young generation.
  • There are endless possibilities to prepare different recipes for this Texas tea, and so it gives you many different options and tastes to try.
  • One last effect that appears is the flavor that stays for a long time on the tongue. This is incredibly appealing to new users.

However, once you look at the downside, that feeling is truly not worth it. As mentioned before, the effects include drowsiness, motor-skill impairment, lethargy, and other effects that include impairment.

Of course, overdosing on Texas tea is relatively easy considering how powerful the mixture is and how ‘tasty’ it is. There might be some other harmful effects if you are allergic to any ingredient that is present in the sizzurp.

Side-effects and withdrawal

Side-effects are all harmful, and basically, they fit in the category of effects that the sizzurp causes. So, we’re going to talk about withdrawal.

Withdrawal from dirty sprite is difficult. Many teenagers choose to consume purple drank because of trends. If it’s popular, you can be sure that many teenagers will start doing the thing that’s popular. In this case, drinking Texas tea is a new trend. It’s been gone for some time, but unfortunately, its popularity has lately increased.

Withdrawal is difficult because it’s tough teaching teenagers to give up on trends. Everyone was a teenager once, and you know how nigh impossible it is to listen to grown-ups teaching you something. Lil Wayne gave up on Easter pink because he experienced dangerous medical issues which nearly cost him his life.

So, what’s next?

It’s safe to say that purple drank sizzurp is worth a try but a risky substance to overdose. It’s a trend that keeps on growing. With each day, a new teenager tries lean drank and gets hooked on it. The number of users that are addicted to lean grows with each day. Try different flavours and spice up your party time. Try different cough syrups so that you do not get addicted to one particular lean.

Have a look at our store to find useful and harmless purple drank sizzurp. After many years of brain-storming and research, we have prepared our amazing purple drank sizzurps with no harmful ingredients. Our ingredients are 100% legal and approved and thus our sizzs are perfectly safe. Happy Days!!

Read our dedicated blog to get regular update and valuable information on lean drink. However, we urge not to encourage anyone to get addicted to this substance.

If you know anyone that overdoses the purple cough syrup, try to talk to them and visit a medical professional as soon as possible. The chances are that time might be running short and the faster you can react, the better for everyone.