Is Lean Legal?


The popular form of “purple drank” or “lean” (Actavis’ Prometh syrup) is no longer on the market. As such, purple drank has taken on a reputation as “the new Quaaludes.” But lean is not gone and it is still technically legal.

I stress the word technically because, while Prometh and similar brands of Promethazine and Codeine have been pulled from the shelves, there are ways that users can get around these restrictions.


It is extremely pricey to get your hands on Promethazine and Codeine, not to mention ill-advised since it can cause many dangerous side effects including respiratory depression.

But there are many methods by which users can get around the restrictions that have been put in place. The most common alternative to Prometh is mixing Codeine with over the counter cough syrups. This form of sizzurp is driven by guafenesin or dextromethorphan, two ingredients typical of OTC cough medications.

OTC cough syrups containing these ingredients are legal to purchase if you are eighteen years of age or older. Here in the US, some such cough syrups are actually kept behind the counter. A pharmacist releases these cough meds to the public once they have seen your ID card and verified you are of age.

Other options are becoming readily available and some are turning to the original sizzurp recipe—Robitussin and beer—to get their drank on. But this, too, is ill-advised as the combination can result in nausea, stomach bleed, overdose, coma or even death.


Lean is a dangerous drug combination which can have some significant adverse effects. They include dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, blurred vision, irregular heartbeat, hallucination, profuse sweating and abnormal thinking.

Some people have been using an alternative to lean that can be purchased over the counter in head shops and the like. It is called Legal Lean and is marketed as a natural mood enhancer in two-ounce bottles, not unlike 5-hour energy shots or kratom shots.


Legal Lean is a product that recently dropped and it has become quite prevalent thanks to widespread distribution and heavy promotional efforts. It has appeared at the Florida Hip Hop Awards and been plugged by famous rap personalities.

Carrying the unfortunately scatalogical ad slogan, “Pour up a duce,” Legal Lean comes to us from an Orlando, FL-based company that claims that it tastes like real purple drank and is capable of chillin’ you out on natural ingredients and vitamins.

So what exactly is in Legal Lean? Its ingredients include valerian root, skullcap, St. John’s Wort, Vitamins C, E and K, and kava kava extract.

Here’s the problem: None of these ingredients, save for kava kava, have any history of causing the euphoric or sedative effects of real sizzurp. This is not purple drank.

Yes, valerian root is a natural sleep aid that is often used to treat insomnia. And yes, St. John’s Wort is known to relieve stress. But none of these ingredients even come close to the potency of real purple drank.

Kava kava is a natural herb that induces a calming effect. It has anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects and has been used to assuage restlessness and sleeplessness. However, there is no evidence to support the notion that it could get you corked and screwed like lean.

As one user on said, “i know im a little late but i tried it. i need to do the entire bottle to feel something and all i felt was drowsy tbh.”

Legal Lean has come under some scrutiny in the company’s native Florida after Polk County parents called for it to be removed from their neighborhood. That was back in 2015 and, at the time, the product was said to contain an antihistamine. Kids who took it said that it acted similarly to Codeine.

It would appear as though Legal Lean has since altered their ingredients, but there is really no way to say without having a bottle of Legal Lean lab tested. As with similar products like kratom extracts, shady companies can sometimes include other dangerous research chemicals in their mixture since the FDA does not approve these proprietary blends and they are, therefore, completely unregulated.

While most people in the online community have said that Legal Lean is incapable of getting you high, there is no easy way to know for sure that it won’t have detrimental effects.


While it is technically legal to purchase cough syrup over the counter and mix it with Sprite and other substances, it is best to get a legal purple drank alternative from a reliable company that offers their customers transparency and a money back guarantee.

One of the first things customers should expect in a natural supplement vendor is honesty. The easiest way to determine whether a product is legit is if it carries a label with a breakdown of milligram amounts of each ingredient.

If the bottle doesn’t tell you exactly what is in it and how much is in it then it’s probably bogus. Be careful who you buy from. There are a lot of shoddy hucksters out there, but there are also plenty of options available. Be safe, be smart and emancipate your mind.

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