What You Know About purple drank sizzurp And What You Don’t Know About it

Purple Drank Sizzurp, as it is commonly called, isn’t exactly a well-known substance that people know of. Most of the people that don’t know anything about Purple Drank Syrup would simply do their research about it on the Internet and follow the advice of anonymous ‘doctors’. If you don’t want to cause damage to yourself, you’ll need to differentiate useful information from harmful information. There’s a lot of shady information and shady research around the Internet, most of it harmful. In that sense, we are trying to create a distinct difference regarding things that you know or don’t know about this sizzurp.

How does it work?

First of all, you are certainly familiar with the main ingredients of the drink: cough syrup, soda, Jolly Rancher, and Sprite. You might also know that the product has serious repercussions for your mood by making you feel good on a short-time basis. People drink purple drank to improve their current mood, especially if their day was stressful. They don’t know the proper doses, so they abuse the drink until death. It usually happens amongst teenagers who are out of touch with the world and are living a tough and dangerous life. However, you should also know that sizzurp has other negative side-effects such as drowsiness, speech issues, and lethargy. Most people underestimate the damage that sizzurp can cause. They usually choose to feel good for a short time instead of choosing their health and well-being.

On the other hand, there are a lot of individuals who don’t know anything about purple drank, and they want to try it no matter of consequences. They probably don’t know much about the sizzurp, so they automatically follow the trends. The lean is an addictive substance designated as a recreational drug by the FDA which has already caused a couple of death cases among celebrities.

Death cases

One of the most famous cases of purple drank sizzurp abuse happened when rapper Lil Wayne overdosed with the lean and was taken to the hospital with serious side-effects. Luckily, that experience caused him to have a change of heart regarding purple drank. He’s currently leading a campaign against the drink. Sadly, others were not so lucky in the fight with sizzurp, as DJ Screw and rapper Pimp C died from the side-effects. The USA Drug Administration reported that teenagers have serious problems regarding lean abuse and there are also allegations that every tenth teenager consumes the purple drank sizzurp. The cause for this is the need to follow trends. Experts have had discussions about the issue and they’ve come to the conclusion that parents should talk to their children and warn them about the negative side-effects of purple drank. Social Media should prohibit content related to purple drank because posts and advertisements about it have a huge influence on teenagers.


Lastly, we have to warn you about sizzurp’s expansion. In the following years, lean will appear on many CDs, music videos, concert promotions and much more. Purple drank is over-popularized and regarded cool, but the reality is different. The most important thing is staying healthy and informed and keeping your nearest and dearest safe. If someone close to you has started abusing the sizzurp, notify a doctor immediately in order to find out what steps to take.

Check out more about the side-effects by following this link.

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