Latest Developments in Purple Drank Sizzurp

Everyone has heard of the popular drink, purple drank. This is one drink that has been glorified by Hip Hop artists and sportsmen. If you are wondering what Sizzurp, purple drank, or lean drug is, it is a recreational drink that is made using prescription strength cough syrup, hard candy, and soda. The drug has been discouraged due to its fatal effects, but young people are already addicted due to one of the ingredients, codeine. Below are some new developments on the lean drug.

purple drank


You have probably heard of cocaine, heroin, and other drug cartels. When the name cartel comes up, there is a high chance that something illegal is cooking. When Actavis, a pharmaceutical company stopped the production of its cough syrup due to its abuse by sizz users, the hunger for the drug grew.

Mexican cartels have taken advantage of the scarcity to sell the syrup on the black market at skyrocketing prices. If you want to take the real stuff taken by your favorite celebrity, you will need to pay $2,000 for a bottle of cough syrup.

Red Drank

We are all used to the purple color of sizzurp, but due to the scarcity of prescription cough syrup, people are becoming creative. Most abusers who cannot afford the black market lean are going for other brands such as Hi-Tech. This brand is red in color, and its taste is a little off. Since people are already addicted, an alternative is readily welcome despite its taste and color. We might hear of red drank soon.

Nootropicsnootropics sizzurp

The modern commercial purple drank has more than you think. Most manufacturers have decided to add some smart drugs commonly known as nootropics to this drink. These drugs are used to enhance cognitive functions. You might take sizz and have a sudden sharp memory, or become very attentive. These effects are commonly seen in drugs like that. The same effects can be felt in marijuana.

Cannabis Sizzurp

purple drankMost addicts have resulted to abusing cough syrup as they term it as weak. They opt to add more cough syrup to their dirty sprite. The results are fatal. Some commercial producers of Sizz have found a smart way around this. They are now adding marijuana into the drink. Medical marijuana is a strong sedative and a pain reliever. When the cannabinoids are added to sizz, you get to take less and still feel high.

Legal Purple Drank

As we all know, lean is illegal, but there is a solution. After a lot of brainstorming, we have decided to beat the purple drank sizzurpsystem with the production of legal lean. This legal substance promises you lots of vitamins and energy without risking your life. The entire process claims to use natural herbal relaxers that are safe and still give euphoria. The safety of this drink is not debatable due to the ingredients used to create this product. This product is now available in the American market. In other words, this is a healthy version of purple drank.

People are willing to go an extra mile to get high. It is advisable to be informed before following a trend blindly.



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