Lean Drink Side Effects and How to Treat Lean Addiction

The lean drink can also be referred to as Sizzurp, Lean, Purple Sprite, or Purple Drank. Purple drank is the combination of Codeine and Promethazine based cough syrup (like Actavis Cough Syrup) with sprite and Jolly Ranchers. But how did they know that by mixing these three things that you could get high off of medicine? Well, this is a long story that dates back to the 1960’s in Houston, when some Blue genre musicians founded it. But let’s not waste our time on that story today. If you want to know a little bit more, feel free to do some research on Google.

lean drinkNot every cough syrup has abusive content in it. Choose the syrup that is less harmful for your health while making the purple drank sizzurp. Codeine and Promethazine are both drugs, which are vulnerable. That’s why modern pharmaceutical companies are avoiding the use of this drug. Codeine is a form of an Opiate drug. Other forms of Opiates are Morphine and Heroin. When you mix Opiates with Promethazine and a lot of sugar, it makes a lethal type of syrup. It is not a good thing to mess around with drugs in the Opiate family and so we recommend to use minimum amount of cough syrup while you making your lean drink.

Preparation of the famous Actavis Lean

Lean drink is a tasty but deadly drink, and we do not recommend that anyone become addicted to this drink. The following details are being produced here for parents for sheer educational purposes so that they can keep an eye on their young ones and be aware. Lean cough syrup is trending in cartoons and hip-hop songs, so the fresh generation is at risk of over use of this drink.

If you ever see your child collecting the following ingredients, be advised.

• Sprite
• Jolly Rancher
• Cough Syrup (usually Actavis Cough Syrup)

Counseling can help to explain to them the negative impacts of overdosing of these. Sizzurp is a simple mixture of these three ingredients, and the drink is ready.

Lean drink Side Effects

A first timer might notice the following unpleasant changes in themselves:

• Dizziness: Often causes leaning, hence where the name is derived from.
• Nausea
• Blurred vision
• Short term memory problems

Teens with weaker will power may develop symptoms of anxiety and depression right away. This usually appears after long term abuse. Some other long-term side effects are as follows:

• Increased yawning
• Difficulty sleeping
• Agitation/Anxiety/Depression
• Teary eyes/Running nose
• Sweating without reasons
• Abdominal cramping/Diarrhea
• Dilated pupils

lean drinkPurple Syrup abuse is deadly. At least three famous hip-hop rappers have died because of syrup overdose. These include DJ Screw and musician Big Hawk, both from Houston, TX. Lil Wayne was hospitalized because of Purple Syrup overdose. He was lucky that he knew what was happening to him because he was aware of the negative effects, but not every American kid is knowledgeable. It’s a battle they have no idea how to fight. Many teens die each year because of Syrup overdoses.


Detox – Detox is a short-term inpatient program when a patient is admitted into a center for a few hours or a couple of days to detox their body. This helps to get rid of any unwanted toxins. Patients that are in detox are helped by professionals, who assist them in quitting the addiction.

Inpatient treatment – This is a long and intense version of a detox program for rough patients. They have to live at the treatment facility for up to few weeks. A few weeks spent at the facility helps to increase the chances that they will control their behavior and addiction afterward.

Outpatient treatment – When a patient can control his emotion, he can be taken care of at home. This can be a full day, for about 5 days a week. Celebrities usually take outpatient treatment for the sake of their fame.
12-Step-Group/Support Group – Counseling with social or anonymous groups like the 12-step-group does help.

No one can quit their addiction if they are not willing to do so, and for the emotional support, group environment with sober associates is necessary.

Lean drink is not that dangerous when you take it occasionally and with care without overdosing the substance. Drug junkies have found a way to transform a good object into a narcotic. Cough syrup was not originally produced for the use of creating a purple syrup. Find a cough syrup that has less abusive contents in it. Codeine and Promethazine based syrups aren’t sold without a prescription. So this shows how strong the drugs really are. So, we advise you to use minimum amount of these drugs on your drink to be at a safer side. As a parent, you should be aware of this concoction and keep an eye on your teen’s behaviours for safety.

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