Is There Any Legal Lean? Where Can You Find It?

Legal purple drank is a hot commodity nowadays, but finding the legal stuff can be a little bit challenging. Before we go on to discuss the most trusted sources for purchase, I want to elaborate on why you should choose legal lean over the traditional purple drank.

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Health Risks

Codeine and promethazine cough syrup has some pretty nasty side effects if you over do it, and no it is not advised that you sit around and sip the stuff all day as the famous rappers do. In fact, you shouldn’t use codeine cough syrup at all if it is not prescribed to you. If it is prescribed to you and you abuse it, then it could cause you to have an unwanted trip to the emergency room. No, I am not joking. Codeine abuse has been rampant over the last decade or so, and you should be aware of the consequences before taking that next sip from your friend’s magical purple cup.

lean drugIf you abuse codeine cough syrup, then you could go into respiratory arrest which means you essentially quit breathing, and if someone doesn’t get you help, well you will probably die. Also, you can also be prone to heart attacks if you abuse the drug for long periods of time which also leads to death; however, death isn’t the only problematic side effect with this stuff.

Furthermore, getting addicted to codeine and promethazine cough syrup can also leave a person physically addicted to the substance. Basically, if you take codeine long enough you will turn into an addict, so let’s give you a breakdown of how you will feel after abusing this stuff for a while.

First, after about twelve hours you will start becoming irritable and unable to retain your focus. Then, after about twenty-four hours you will develop horrible cold sweats which have been described to me as one of the worst feelings in the entire world. However, we aren’t done yet, so please keep reading. Next, there is a possibility you will feel excruciating pain and develop stomach cramps for up to a week, followed by vomiting.sizzurp drink

When this starts to occur, you then run the risk of developing dehydration, and could possibly lead to death if you aren’t rehydrating correctly. If you don’t think codeine and promethazine are dangerous, then you are dead wrong, and I want you to do a quick google search about some of the famous people that have died recently due to opioid abuse.

In fact, more people die from opioid abuse today than people die from car crashes across the entire United States. It is estimated that a person dies from opioid abuse about every ten seconds. The stuff is just down-right dangerous, and the cool factor shouldn’t mean anything when you are playing with your life.

Moving on, not only is codeine and promethazine dangerous, but you are also running the risk of being detained by the police if you have obtained the substance illegally. That means you could spend a significant amount of time in jail because in most countries this substance is labeled a schedule three drug which means that it is highly addictive and has a high potential for abuse. Some people have spent up to five years in jail for possession of these kinds of narcotics, and that is a fact. Be the cool kid and start a new trend with some healthy legal lean instead. You don’t want to end up a statistic, do you?

What Exactly is Legal Lean?

legal lean

Legal lean is known as a mood boosting drink and comes packed with essential vitamins and minerals for your body. The Legal lean company has created the perfect blend that will boost the release of your endorphins, give you energy, and it also helps you retain your focus. You can check their company out here. I highly recommend this company because many of my friends have purchased this great purple drink straight from their website and have always had fast delivered and excellent quality legal lean. If you are wondering what kind of vitamins are in legal sizzurp, then I have taken the liberty of listing some of them further below.

Most legal lean contains vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, and vitamin C. Please note that all legal sizzurp contains no codeine, so if you are looking for that you won’t find it on any real legal lean sites, and if you do, I suggest you stay away from them altogether.drinking lean

Additionally, you can check out our store where you can find the best in class legal lean or legal sizzurp. After many years of brainstorming, we have come up with this wonderful legal purple drank sizzurp that contains all the valuable vitamins, nootropics for mood enhancing and other useful minerals. This is great because you can order online. Give us a shot and stay out of jail!


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