What do you need to know about purple drank sizzurp high

You must have heard about this weird concoction. It gets you high, purple drank is legal and safe. How can that be true? Maybe it isn’t. When something sounds that nice, you always have to ask yourself where the catch is.

Purple drank, or sometimes called sizzurp, is a drink that contains a mixture of legal drugs so as to affect your body physically and also affect your psyche. Despite the fact of containing drugs that are considered legal and is also prescribed by doctors all the time, lean drink can seriously affect your health and even cause your death. Everything is dangerous when consumed in excess, regardless of the legal nature of these particular drugs.

It contains codeine

Purple drank contains a powerfulopiate used commonly to treat pain. It is usually used in combination with other drugs such as paracetamol or aspirin so as to have a stronger effect and relieve pain in the patients. Its relation to lean drink lies in the fact that codeine has been prescribed to calm a cough in children and adults, although its effectiveness has not yet been proven with enough tests and examinations. Codeine was discovered in 1832, and it is one of the most commonly consumed opiates in the world. 

Codeine can stop your respiration

Codeine will make you experience a slightly warm and fuzzy feeling, mixed with other drugs its effects will be stronger and long lasting. It will reduce your breathing rhythm, and this may lead you to a respiratory arrest, that is one of the risks of consuming this drink.

Promethazine is the second ingredient

Promethazine is a neuroleptic medication, it has a strong sedative effect, and it is commonly used as a first generation antihistamine. It also affects how your body moves, everything feels slower, and for this reason, it is also prescribed to treat restlessness and agitation caused by psychiatric conditions. As we have said earlier, even legal drugs can become very dangerous when used without the correct dose and supervision.

It all started with music

Many sources suggest that the use of lean drank is heavily associated with the hip hop community of Houston and more specifically with DJ Screw. Apparently, he even created a new style of music that was meant to be heard under the effects of this drink to listen to it the correct way and appreciate all the nuances and rhythms. The perception of the body and the surroundings is distorted, and everything seems to move slower, the rhythms of this music adapt to this perception so that the music can be enjoyed fully under its effects.

To sum up, sizzurp may be popular among certain music communities, and it contains legal drugs, but the truth is that its effects can be as harmful to you as any other substance that stimulates your nervous system. If you take it once in a while within the limited dosage, then it will not do any bad to your health.

However, when mixed with alcohol, it gets even worse because the effects are enhanced, and it is easier to overdose or to behave in ways that can be forbidden or dangerous. Since the perception of reality is distorted by the effects or purple drank, many individuals do not fully realize what they are doing until it is too late.

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