New age purple drank sizzurp-more good than bad

Purple drank sizzurp is a common drug that is made out of a cough syrup and a few other additives which people use to make themselves get high. Most of the hip hop stars dating from the past have been using this drug and also popularizing it in their music. This has made the influence of the drug to grow over the years. The hip hop industry has a lot of fans especially in the lower age bracket which includes teens. Teens easily get swayed away with the message in hip hop and thus get influenced, and due to peer pressure, others get influenced as well.

purple drank sizzurp

Why is purple drank sizzurp recognized as dangerous?

Sizz is easily accessible as the ingredients are quite easy to find almost on every pharmacy on the street. This makes it more convenient and easy to achieve for its users. Thus the issue of addiction arises as well. Lean, just like many other drugs, is very addictive after constant usage. Addiction is a state in which you can’t do without something. For this case, the user gets it hard to stop using the purple drank concoction and thus becomes an addict. Addiction is the number one effect of lean intake.

sizzurp drinkApart from addiction, Texas tea can also lead to a wide range of other effects on the body and thus be quite harmful to the user. For these reasons and more, some countries and states have had to limit the usage of this drug by its citizens by either making it illegal or banning the use and sale of it. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been a watchdog to ensure that the usage of this dirty drink is prohibited and banned. This is because its usage has not only brought about numerous complications but also led to the death of many young souls.

The above reasons and issues beg the question as to whether sizzurp can be made in such a way that it is safe for consumption and thus reducing the danger it can cause in the human body. The most important thing for the young teen generation is getting “lit” on any of the substances they use. This being a factor to consider, the improvement on the dirty sprite should achieve the same but now in a safer manner, so that it is not dangerous. Various tests and researches have been conducted to establish this, and luckily this has been successful.

Safe and legal purple drank sizzurppurple drank sizzurp

Therefore, there is an alternative to using purple drank sizzurp concoction but in a safer and better way. The ingredients that are normally used by the sizzurp users are first of all illegal. There are legal ingredients that can be used to make the new age sizzurp that are more good than bad. And when we talk about more good than bad we are not just talking about being on the safe side of the law but also being on the safe side of health. This meaning that the legal ingredients used are even safer for your health than the illegal ones.


The use of some vitamins and minerals to come up with the new age purple drank concoction makes it safe and healthy to use. These vitamins and minerals include Phenibut, Kava et al. and are good for the health of the user. These substances are 100% legal and thus can be trusted to get the user high but at the same time keeping them safe. The advantage of doing this is that you can then avoid dangerous effects caused by the usage of this drink.

The new age Texas Tea is easy to prepare, and thus you need not worry about the process. It can be confirmed that all the effects that make the user high can still be achieved with the new age purple drank. Being a party favorite for the teens, this drink is usually common in parties and events. The drug brings happiness and satisfaction while partying and this it achieves by making the body system get high and thus activated.

The new age lean gives different tastes and flavors to try out from. This gives the user a range of choices to decide from. With every day comes the growth of the lean user community and thus the need for a safe and better alternative is inevitable. As much as there is now a better alternative, the dosage should also be controlled as an overdose would lead to serious problems. The long term effects of always overdosing are the same as the old age lean drug. We can, therefore, conclude that progress has been made in making safe purple drank sizzurp for use.

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