Why are People Getting Addicted to Purple Drank Sizzurp Nowadays?

The purple drank craze has resulted in an increase in the purchase of cough syrup. If you do a little research on the ingredients for making purple drank sizzurp, you will likely bump into an ingredient known as codeine. These ingredients make this Texas tea a wonderful and enjoyable drink.

Codeine is one of the ingredients that are found in prescription cough syrups. This ingredient is used in low doses to suppress a cough and relieve pain, but a group of hip hop artists thought it was a good idea to use it to get high.

Another common ingredient in cough syrup is promethazine. This ingredient is an antihistamine. The combination of promethazine and codeine result to euphoria. This feeling lasts between three to six hours.

Codeine and promethazine are safe when taken in the right dose. Let’s look at reasons why people are addicted to purple drank nowadays.

Codeine addiction

What people fail to understand is that sizzurp is a narcotic drink. The main ingredient, codeine, is an opiate. Opiates are a group of drugs that are used as analgesics. These drugs are highly addictive when used for long periods. Detaching from the use of this drink is not easy.

The withdrawal symptoms are intense. Most teenagers are battling sizzurp addiction without them realizing it.

Euphoric effects

The ingredients, that is used to prepare lean drink,  give a euphoric feeling to the consumer. When a person gets used to this feeling, they tend to abuse the drink and end up addicted. Codeine suppresses a cough and relieves pain by preventing the transmission of pain to the brain.

In the process, the brain releases pleasurable hormones. These hormones cause the euphoria sensation that teens long for in sizzurp. Once a person gets used to this feeling, stopping becomes an uphill task.

Peer Pressure

The environment has a great impact on an individual’s life. A person who has addicted friends is likely to end up being an addict. Sizzurp is a drink that has been popularized by teenage celebrities.

Teens who are affiliated with hip hop and these celebrities are likely to become addicted to purple drank to fit in and look cool. Teenagers are prone to falling prey of peer pressure as they try to discover themselves. Drug and substance abuse start at this age.

Psychological factors

Most teenagers and young adults have psychological disorders. With the modern parents’ schedules, there is little or no time to pay attention to the children.

The only consolation is to indulge in purple drank which is easy to make without raising any alarm. After all, the ingredients are legal.

Parents and guardians should raise an eyebrow if they start missing cough syrups and if they notice a sudden urge to drink sprite. It is better to be safe than sorry.

All sizzurp ingredients are legal

A person who is over the age of 18 can buy cough syrup over the counter. This has made it difficult to prevent young adults from purchasing the cough syrup for recreational use.

Jolly Ranchers candies are legal products as well as a sprite. The teens and young adults are at liberty to buy these ingredients, thus increasing chances of this Texas Tea addiction.

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