Differences between Purple Drank Sizzurp and Other Recreational Drinks

Purple drank sizzurp has joined the list of recreational drinks in the recent past. Young adults and teenagers have glorified this drink because of its euphoric effects. Celebrities have made it popular among the young folk and are continuously promoting it on their social media platforms. Below are some differences between purple drank and other recreational drinks.

Readily Available Ingredients

Unlike other recreational drinks which often require only two ingredients (for example Vodka + Energy Drink), dirty sprite requires Jolly Rancher candies, sprite, and prescription cough syrup. Other ingredients like alcohol can be added to make the effects stronger. The mentioned ingredients are readily available in pharmaceuticals and stores.sizzurp

Cough syrup can be purchased by anybody who is of legal age. Candies and soda are available to people of all ages. Other recreational drinks like sodas require many ingredients and long procedures to put them together; slean drank requires three readily available ingredients.

Sizzurp is not Commercially Produced

When you walk into a store, you will find all sorts of refrigerated drinks. Unfortunately, lean is not among these beverages. You will not come across a fancy bottle named sizzurp, purple drank, lean, dirty sprite or by any other name that refers to this drink.

If you are wondering why this discrimination against lean exists, it is because the main ingredient is not meant for recreational consumption. The cough syrup that makes the purple lean is meant for medical purposes. No company is crazy enough to produce Texas tea commercially. Sorry folks, you have to continue mixing the drink for yourselves.

Highly Addictive

This drink contains an ingredient in the cough syrup called codeine. This ingredient is an opiate and is highly addictive. A few days of consuming lean could render you an addict. The addiction is stronger than with alcohol. Many celebrities have admitted being hooked to this recreational drink and are trying to get off it.

sizzurpWhen codeine is taken in small doses, the addiction is unlikely, but when it is taken without control, addiction is bound to occur. Dirty Sprite addiction has severe withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, sweating, anxiety, depression, and constipation among others.

Severe Effects on Health

Recreational drinks are made to boost people’s mood and to make life interesting. This sparkling drink has other plans for your body. When lean is taken continuously, effects like blurred vision, memory loss, respiratory problems, coma, and death have been reported. When codeine and promethazine are abused, these side effects are likely to occur.

Opiates should be taken for therapeutic purposes under the supervision of a physician. It is all fun and games until you are fighting for your life on a hospital bed. These effects are long term, and you might not notice them immediately.

Lean drug has taken the world by storm. This trend has been around since the 1960s but has been promoted by hip hop and pop artists. If you aren’t up for the severe withdrawal symptoms, stick to the common commercially produced beverages. The fact that they are commercially produced speaks volumes about their authenticity. A detox and certain life changes will clean your system if you are already consuming purple drank sizzurp.


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