There has been a relatively new buzz of excitement about a purplish drink. Originally, popular in Houston and Dallas, Texas, this drink has gained recognition among young people and hip-hop stars who they look up to.
Purple Sprite is a recreational drink, made from prescription-strength cough syrup and the soft drink, sprite! It is also known as lean, dirty Sprite, barre or sizzurp. The name purple is derived from the purplish hue of cough syrup. It is usually drank from Styrofoam or double cups.

purple sprite

To make the mixture more appealing, some drinkers add hard, fruit-flavored candy and alcohol. Others add drugs for reasons best known to them. This combo has a sedative effect, making the user feel woozy and unable to think clearly.

It is mind-boggling to note that the effect involves a feeling of dissociation from the body. A user may feel disconnected from their own body for some time! lean drug

Users of this concoction abuse codeine cough syrup by consuming more amounts than is medically recommended. As if this isn’t shocking enough, it is more puzzling to discover that the users’ goal is to get high on the purple sprite.

They mostly prefer sipping the mixture over a long time and eventually getting a mild opiate buzz. The super-sweet taste of purple sprite may cause them to consume more amounts than they initially intended to! This sounds hilarious, but it is actually dangerous to the user. The side effects that result from abusing purple sprite are undesirable, horrific and hard to overcome.

Side Effects of Purple Sprite

Most users wrongly believe that lean is safe because it contains ingredients prescribed by doctors. Effects worsen as more purple syrup is consumed.

sizzurp drinkFor first time users, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and memory problems are reported. You might not want to contend with blurred vision or loss of memory, especially as a young person.

Regular users encounter dental decay(which is disgusting enough), constipation, weight gain, slow, slurred speech, respiratory problems, urinary tract infections and seizures.

Long-term users live in fear of getting into a coma or even dying. The risk is extremely high when alcohol and drugs are included in the mixture.

Chronic use of purple lean leads to drug tolerance. Addicts may need more amounts to get lit. This causes irrational consumption of the drink, further increasing the risk of complications like heart attack, coma or even death.

If an addict already had an underlying health issue like asthma or a heart condition, lean abuse may lead to the worsening of these health issues. The end result is usually fatal. lean drug

An addict may find it hard to stop abusing sizzurp because of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Agitation or simply anxiety and nervousness
  • Increased tears in the eyes and a runny nose. This can be especially embarrassing.
  • Uncontrollable or increased yawning

Intense withdrawal effects for irrational users include diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, dilated pupils, and goosebumps.

To successfully overcome lean abuse, it is advisable to get professional help and join a support group. Medical detox is highly recommended.

Trendy as it may sound, the illegal purple sprite is not such cool drink to get high on. So, go for a legal purple drank sizzurp instead.

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