Seven Advantages of Lean Drank and how you can make Full Use of it?

Purple drank (or if you say lean drank) is the latest craze in town. Every celebrity is talking about it, and every cool kid is trying to get a hold of it. Purple drank is a combination of prescription cough syrup, Jolly Rancher candies, and sprite. The sprite is what gives it the name dirty sprite, although other sodas can be used. However, we do not recommend any one to get addicted to this drink, especially we advise kids to keep a distance from this drink. Let’s look at the advantages of taking this new drink.

Cheap Ingredients and easily available

Have you been draining all your money on the commercial alcoholic drinks? Purple drank is here to save your bank balance. The ingredients used to prepare this drink are cheap and easy to find. If you are not a fan of candy, you can get rid of the Jolly Ranchers.

lean drinkCough syrup is easy to purchase. You do not need to have a bad cough to get some cough syrup. All you need to have is a valid identification document to prove that you are 18 years and above. Nobody will give you side glances.

Sizzurp will save you some money

Lean drank will give you the same feeling of alcohol if not better. You can throw a party with all your friends without spending too much money on drinks. Purchase a few bottles of promethazine and codeine cough syrup and mix it up with some sprite. You can sprinkle a few pieces of candy to add some color. That’s all you need for a night full of fun.

Euphoric Feeling

The feeling one gets after taking sizzurp is priceless. Any person who takes this drink never looks back. The euphoria is amazing. Everything else disappears, and your mind blows up. The body is taken over by purple drank, and you get high instantly. You don’t even have to take much of it; a Styrofoam cup or two will kick start your day sort you out.lean drank

Lean Drank is Easy to Prepare

Lean drank is the easiest drink to make. It is as easy as brewing a cup of tea. You need only three ingredients and a bunch of Styrofoam cups. A bottle of cough syrup and a bottle of the sprite are enough to get you high.

You can prepare sizzurp in your room without raising any suspicion. There is no technique required to prepare purple drank; you do not need to be a mixologist to make purple drank.

Sweet Taste

You probably have caught a cold in your life, and you had to take a cough syrup. The syrup you took had a sweet taste. That sweetness is toned down and enriched with candies and sprite. You might have noticed that the cough syrup was too sweet. The sprite will tone it down. Popularity

Many young adults heard about sizzurp from top celebrities. Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown, just to mention but a few, have all publicized sizzurp. This means that sizzurp is a drink for cool and popular kids. Drinking purple drank will get you a bunch of new and cool friends. You might even join the football team and become friends with the quarterback.

Reduced Pain

Codeine is an analgesic. This means that it relieves pain. If you have had a rough day and your body is sore, a cup of purple drank will sort you out. You will feel calm and relaxed almost immediately. Sizzurp works like magic in numbing pain.

How to make Full use of lean drank

If you are looking to have a party, do not buy all your cough syrup at the same time because you could raise suspicion.  Buy the bottles in different pharmacies. Do not buy the bottles of cough syrup in large numbers. Buy them over a period; a week or two before your party.

Ensure your syrups are not expired. When you are feeling a little bored, and you need to get high, purple drank will lift your mood.

You can throw in some candies to enhance the taste, but if you are not into sweet stuff, the two major ingredients will be good to go. Remember, the cough syrup is used for its contents, and not its taste. Soda and Jolly Ranchers enhance the taste. Sizzurp has a great taste that lingers in the mouth for long.



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