Drinking lean? Signs of lean drank overdose. How to avoid high dosage?

Often, we notice that people tend to consume drinks and other recreational stuffs above the recommended dosage and they do the same with the purple drank. This careless approach from some hip-hop stars and kids damaged the reputation of this sparkling drink. In reality, drinking lean is not highly dangerous if taken in a small amount. It gives you an amazing euphoric feeling with mood burst. However, if you overdose, it may bring some consequences.
Yes, cough syrup is legal, but it does not mean that you can consume it as much as you want.

What’s in it?

Lean is, as mentioned above, made from cough syrup and soda. In some cases, hard purple candies are added to the mix so that it becomes sweet and more colorful.

The active ingredients in cough syrup are usually codeine and promethazine. Both these drugs stimulate the central nervous system. They act as sedatives and reduce the responses the body has to the environment. Reducing the amount of these two drugs will make your lean safer and less harmful.

Codeine in lean

drinking leanCodeine is a highly addictive opiate sedative. It is used to treat pain. However, it is considered as a milder drug than other opiates such as heroin but still capable of causing dependence and addiction.

Lean abuse

Many signs will let you know if somebody is abusing Actavis lean. It will be challenging for you to notice these symptoms by yourself, but you could discuss them with a friend so that you can take care of each other.
Blurred vision, euphoria, lethargy, dissociation of your body, and slurred speech, these are some of the common symptoms of lean abuse. It is very similar to someone who abuses alcohol and other recreational drugs.

If the overdose continues, some other symptoms may arise, such as vomiting, headaches, and itching all over your body. These are very unpleasant effects that everyone wants to avoid.

Overdose risks of drinking lean

Overdosing on lean is perfectly possible. The depressant effect of codeine makes your body move slowly, your lungs are not taking enough oxygen to your brain, and your heart is pumping at a lower rate. drinking lean
The risks of overdose are higher if the beverage is mixed with other substances such as alcohol or another kind of stronger drugs. So, we recommend you to keep your lean drink simple and mix the lesser amount of cough syrup and alcohol.

The best way out of overdose

One of the most effective ways not to overdose is to set a lower number of drinks that you are going to consume for each party or meeting. Also, it would be good not to be alone, this way if someone starts to show signs of abuse, one could stop this on time.

Many fatal cases of lean overdose are strongly associated with the individual being completely alone when drinking lean. Nobody was there to stop them from drinking more or to ask for help when necessary, so (besides not drinking) being among friends can be fun and also save your life.

The last but not the least, remember, purple drank is a drink to enjoy once in a while. Educate yourself so that you know the consequences of overdosing this substance. There are several ways to enjoy the high of this drink without abusing or getting addicted. Be safe, consume minimum quantity and enjoy a riskless high!



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