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Lean is a slang word for a recreational drink made from prescription cough syrup. It is often mixed with soft drinks like sprite, mountain dew and Jolly ranchers with candy. This drink is typically drank from Styrofoam double cups. However, cup of lean is a popular but dangerous substance to get addicted to. For decades, […]

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5 Reasons Why Purple Drink is Common in the USA

Purple drink is one of the most common recreational drinks in the USA. Hip hop artists popularized this drug in their music and lifestyle. Although many people have come to hear of lean recently, this drug has been around since the 60s. Many R&B artists have posted pictures of lean on their social media platforms. […]

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Latest Developments in Purple Drank Sizzurp

Everyone has heard of the popular drink, purple drank. This is one drink that has been glorified by Hip Hop artists and sportsmen. If you are wondering what Sizzurp, purple drank, or lean drug is, it is a recreational drink that is made using prescription strength cough syrup, hard candy, and soda. The drug has […]

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Ten Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Lean Drink

Many people have different opinions and preferences when making their lean drink. Some people prefer the drug without alcohol while others feel that alcohol makes it stronger. Some people prefer their purple drank with Jolly Ranchers while others dislike the sweetness of candy. Whichever way you choose to take your Sizzurp, there are common mistakes […]

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Sippin on some sizzurp? Nootropics can be good alternative ingredient for your sizz

Over the past decade, ‘Purple Drank’ has become popular with teens and those in their early twenties that seek a relaxing high. DIrt sprite – also known as sizzurp, syrup, or lean – is a concoction of prescription codeine-based cough syrup, soda (usually Sprite or Mountain Dew), and an optional Jolly Rancher for extra flavor. […]

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5 Doubts You Should Clarify About purple drank sizzurp

Purple drank sizzurp has always been a mystery in the public sphere. Even the regular users don’t know what it includes and possible implications of the drink. All of them are satisfied with the overwhelming feeling, and they don’t have any remark about it. In our opinion, this trend is dangerous mostly for new users […]

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Withdrawal symptoms of purple sizzurp drink

None of the trends stays long. If you are not paying enough attention, you suddenly discover yourself out of new trends. T.V. shows to food and drinks, nothing can escape from becoming a trend and being forgotten a little later if the audience gets tired quickly. Same goes with purple drank sizzurp. It’s trendy, sparkling, […]

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Lean Drink Side Effects and How to Treat Lean Addiction

The lean drink can also be referred to as Sizzurp, Lean, Purple Sprite, or Purple Drank. Purple drank is the combination of Codeine and Promethazine based cough syrup (like Actavis Cough Syrup) with sprite and Jolly Ranchers. But how did they know that by mixing these three things that you could get high off of […]

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effects of purple drank

What are some Common Effects of Purple Drank (Sizzurp)?

Purple drank, or sizzurp is a narcotic drink that involves a combination of prescribed cough syrup with soda and candy to give euphoria. This drink gained popularity in Texas in 2000. The craze faded and resurfaced later in 2011. Celebrities and footballers have brought this drink back by singing about it and praising it. There […]

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