Ten Ways To Introduce purple drank sizzurp

This is the age of nutraceuticals and you have all the rights to get high with legal drinks and substances. Luckily, by watching films, shows, and Internet content, people find out new recipes and tricks. To be curious is never bad, but we have to be conscious of negative effects and always look for valid information.

purple drank sizzurpThe same trend is going on with purple drank sizzurp which is popular among the teenagers for boosting pleasurable feeling for a long time. Today, this beverage is widely presented, and we are not aware of possible repercussions it could have. For the next minutes, we will be trying to inform you about possible ways of Lean introduction in your nutrition and cool sizzurp recipe.

  1. The first combination is well-known variety of promethazine and codeine as cough syrup ( codeine is a strong opiate and could be harmful to peopleā€²s body, while cough syrup could be consumed more than usual as it contains additives such soda or candy)
  2. The second way to use this drink is the combination with alcoholic beverages. The alcohol is depressant and responsible for various side effects.
  3. The next way to introduce purple drink is combining it with drugs like marijuana (people do this by dipping marijuana cigarettes in the drink or by consuming marijuana before or after this drink. This could lead to more serious side effects.
  4. You can also mix the syrup with vodka. You can mix 2- 4 shots of Vodka in a cup of sizzurp. The effect of this combination is also dangerous and strong, but people like this sort of flavor.
  5. For those who prefer Vodka in the purple drank, it is recommendable to add cranberry juice to improve the effect. This would help to make vodka smoother, and you could drink more.
  6. If you are prone to examine different ingredients, try with Robitussin AC in your drank. In this way, the taste will be bombastic. However, this ingredient could only be used with the prescription.
  7. The next variation of this texas tea is to combine it with rum beverage. The rum is a pleasant flavor which will make this modern recreational product more pleasant than in the normal conditions.
  8. You should also consider adding soda in sizzurp. It could be big red soda or other normal sodas.
  9. One of the possible combinations for the lean drink is that with Jolly Ranchers red. This ingredient boosts the sweetness and makes your lean great.
  10. Lastly, we could recommend the Cheratussin AC syrup for your lean drink. The best combination is done when you put about 4 ounces of the syrup in the cup of dirty sprite.

As you could see, there are various combinations of Lean drink and also some cool sizzurp recipe. However, you should be careful when introducing them in your daily nutrition. Follow your health condition and make the drink accordingly.



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