The Hidden Agenda of Lean Drug

Any drug that has been classified as illegal has some hidden agendas and effects. The lean drug has continued to become popular despite being illegal. People are going to an extra mile to get hold of this euphoric substance. What we know is that this drug is popular among teenagers and young people in general. What we also know is that it is popular among young Hip Hop and R&B artists. Now, let us look at what we do not know about lean.

Severe Withdrawal Symptoms of lean drug

Everybody will tell you about the wonderful feeling of purple drank and hand you a Styrofoam cup. What they won’t tell you are the severe withdrawal symptoms that come with Sizzurp. The highly addictive drug might start to interfere with your life, and you might feel the need to quit. What they don’t tell you is the trauma and sickness that you will experience when you stop taking Sizzurp. Lil Wayne described these symptoms as feeling like ‘Death in the stomach.’

Lean can kill youlean drug

An overdose of the common ingredient “codeine” can kill you. The opiate overdose results in heart failure and respiratory problems. Your lungs could stop functioning. The most common side effects are difficulty in breathing, slow heat beat, blurred vision, and loss of balance among others. If you have a history of any heart or respiratory diseases, it is advisable to stay away from the lean drug.

Some people Take Lean to relieve pain

One of the ingredients of prescription cough syrup is codeine. This content is an opiate that is used as a pain killer in small doses. Most drug abusers have turned to lean as a pain reliever. They take it to relax and ease any pain while still having fun. These people take this option as a short cut to stopping their addiction. As long as the pain is gone, everything else falls into place.

Most celebrities hide their addiction

sizzurpThey sing and praise this drink in their recent hits for attracting young people. What they hide is their fight with addiction and the effects on their career. Famous and promising athletes have seen their careers go down the drain after abusing purple drank. These celebrities will only show you the high-end codeine parties, but they will not show you their days of hospitalization. When Lil Wayne collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, rumor had it that the seizures were as a result of abusing codeine.

Lean is illegal

Most teens and young folks think that since the ingredients used to make Sizzurp are readily available in pharmacies and stores are safe and legal. The ingredients are legal when used separately. Mixing these ingredients will eventually will land you on the wrong side of the law. Your worst night mare will begin if you produce lean drug commercially. The reason why drug cartels smuggle the cough syrups is that it is illegal to use them without prescription.

Purple drank can turn from an innocent party drink to a fatal substance. It is important to know all the dangers involved before indulging into this famous culture.


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