Top pros and cons of purple drank sizzurp

There is a tendency that accompanies the hip hop music context in wild parties and musicians gathering. It is the Purple Drank Sizzurp experience. This cocktail has been the object of many mean comments as well as some praising ones. Apparently, everybody has something to say about it.

To make it easier for you, you can find here the top 15 pieces of information that will give you a whole new perspective on this drink. Some of them are advantages, and some others are disadvantages, it is up to you later to get to a conclusion.

1 Pro: It will cause sensations comparable to cannabis, and it is very easy to get if you are young. These feelings can be very pleasurable and can help you relax since the sedative effect of purple drank is almost immediate.

2 Con: Your friends can make fun of you because Bieber used to take it and got caught. Bieber can be very popular among girls, but getting caught is definitively going to ruin that image, and you will be compared to him. This is something that you may have to tolerate if you are positive into getting into the whole experience.

3 Pro: You can get cough syrup even from your first aid kit. The main ingredient of this Purple Drank in cough syrup, and almost everybody has a little bottle at home. When compared to another kind of substance you can see that this one is pretty reachable.

4 Con: It is easy to raise suspicion when suddenly, all the cough syrup from the counter is missing. This is directly related to the previous fact. You may want to think it twice before drinking all the syrup from your mom’s first aid kit.

5 Pro: It is very popular nowadays, and everyone knows about it from rap songs. Knowing about what you are drinking can be a plus when talking with friends and sharing a trend with friends in a party can be fun.

6 Con: It is also widely known that sizzurp can trigger seizures and get you hospitalized, just ask Lil´, Wayne. A big con if you ask me, getting sent to the hospital because of a cocktail does not sound like fun at all.

7 Pro: With the right mix of good soda and skittles, it tastes very good. The drink is known for being super sweet. Soda makes it bubbly, and you can feel the sugar tickling your tongue.

8 Con: Its nice flavor can distract you and make you forget how much you have taken. Even though it is very difficult to overdose with it, you can be left unconscious since the flavor of the drink makes you think it is innocent and completely safe.

9 Pro: all the ingredients will look so cool on your Instagram profile, all those shiny colors! Many artists are very happy to show their cocktails because it will grant them many followers.

10 Con: all those ingredients have huge amounts of sugar, and that can ruin your teeth very fast! The worst nightmare for your regular dentist: loads of sugar in your mouth.

11 Pro: Effect of purple drank can make you feel a nice sedative effect, everything feels slower, you GET slower. The sedative and relaxing effect of the drink is one of the most wanted attributes according to those drinking it.

12 Con: It can also make you lose most of your motor skills, and make you fall on your butt. Still, wonder why they call it lean? Remember that being sedated and relax is not something that happens just in your mind, your muscles are responding at a slower rate as well.

13 Pro: If you like rap culture, you will look cool. Since the drink is highly associated with the music context, if you know about Purple Drank you probably know about music.

14 Con: Like many drugs, it can also kill you. When there is more than 100mg of promethazine in the mix, you can fall sleep and suffer from a respiratory depression and die, just like Pimp C. It can also cause cardiac arrest under similar circumstances… so be careful with the dosage.

15 Pro: Did we mention it is sweet? It is also not that expensive, just 800 the ounce. Good luck with that!

Compiling this information was not an easy task, many websites claim to know everything about Purple Drank, but they just show a few testimonies and anecdotes. Now you can have a complete image of how the drink functions and how much people talk about it!

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