Top 12 Famous Songs on Purple Drank Sizzurp

Sizzurp is one of the most glorified drinks by popular hip hop artists. These young artists have had so much fun with drank that they have decided to make songs out of it. The way they write the lyrics shows how addicted to this controversial recreational drinks these artists are. Almost every rapper has more than one song about purple syrup. The songs have used some of the various names given to this drink such as lean, purple drank, Sizzurp, dirty sprite, and barre among others. Let us look at the top famous songs on Purple Drank Sizzurp.

Lil Wayne- Me and My Drank

songs on purple drank sizzurpLil Waune is famous for his songs on purple drank sizzurp. This track talks about drinking Sizz while recording a song in the studio. Lil Wayne does not shy away from praising the drink and singing about sipping it from the famous Styrofoam cups. The song is about a girl that he thinks about while sipping his purple drank. Lil Wayne repeats the lyrics ‘Me and my Drank’ in a slow and addictive rhythm.

Chief Keef- Go to Jail

This is a gangster song that talks about being in and out of jail. The rapper further talks about how he is out of jail on bail, and he will continue drinking sizz till he goes back to jail. He also talks about praising all the wrong things. This 2013 jam is one of Chief Keef’s best. The auto-tune software came to his rescue. Let’s just say that this drink also saved him on this one.

Young Thug- 2 cups Stuffed

This young artist shouts the name ‘Lean’ in half of this song. His undying love for purple sizz led him to produce this energetic track that will get you on your feet and wonder where you can get the so called drank. This 2014 track mentions almost all the drugs including marijuana that is coded as the green herb. He certainly loves his lean chilled with lots of ice.

Soulja Boy- Molly with that Leansongs on purple drank sizzurp

This talent-forsaken young artist surprised everyone with this track. The amount of auto-tune used in this song is as addictive as the syrup itself. Soulja Boy has depicted Texas tea as a classy drink that is taken by the cool kids. He repeats the lyrics’ Molly with that Lean, with the lean in the bridge with a flawless auto-tuned melody. Let’s give credit where it’s due. This track was a success.

Z-Ro ft Lil O- Can’t Leave Drank Alone

This is one of the most catchy songs on purple drank sizzurp. The title of the song tells it all. These two rappers took to the studio to rap about their addiction t codeine, the main ingredient in the cough syrup that makes this drink. The rapper, Z-Ro goes further displays his awes with the law and raps ‘ I’mma Keep drinking till all the drank is gone.’ Funny enough, the track appeared on Z-Ro’s thirteenth album titled Cocaine. This particular artist is addicted to many things apart from codeine.

Future- Dirty Sprite

This song featured Mike Will, and it can be termed as the most memorable of all songs on purple drank sizzurp. This guy has a soft spot for this drink. His numerous songs and praises tell us all about his addiction to Dirty Sprite. In this song, Future talks openly about the possible dangers of drinking dirty sprite. He knows that sizz cold take him to an early grave. We hope that this does not happen to him.

Gucci Mane- Wasted

This song talks about being high on activas syrup. The term ‘wasted’ represents the euphoric feeling that is brought by consuming purple drank. Gucci Mane talks about a party where people are all drank after a night of drinking Texas Tea. The song talks about the leaning effect of drinking too much Sizz. The ‘leaning’ is the origin of one of its names, ‘lean.’

Big Moe- Leave Drank Alone

According to this song, Big Moe has every intention to give up on the addictive activas. He continues to sow remorse for his past h=mistake and talks about being human. This song talks about how he has matured and is trying to lay off the drank. Big Moe raps about missing the young and care-free life of drinking sizz, but he is trying to quit. We wish him all the best in his journey to recovery.

Asap Rocky- Purple Swag

Asap Rocky is famous for his unique trippy style of rapping. The song ‘Purple Sway’ went viral upon release on YouTube in 2011. The song talks about the origin of this drink, Houston, Texas. Rocky talks about the Texas Tea craze in New York. This is one of the few purple drank songs that are worth listening. Asap Rocky did this track justice.

Three 6 Mafia- Sippin on some Sizzurp

This song will serenade you and probably get you to take some dirty sprite. The Three 6 Mafia featured Project Pat and UGK to perform one of the best songs in 2000. This song made it to the top thirty Hot R&B/ Hip Hop in the Billboard. The title of the song comes in the background and makes the song laid-back. This is one of the best songs that mention dirty sprite.

Future-Codeine Crazy

sizzurpFuture makes it to this list yet again with his hit ‘Codeine Crazy.’ This song talks about drinking purple drank to forget about problems. The song talks about drinking many bottles of codeine syrup and smoking marijuana. Many parents would clinch at the lyrics of this song. The hook of this song goes like ‘Codeine Crazy, codeine


Crazy’ ‘All this money got me codeine Crazy.’

This is just a tip of the iceberg. There are many songs on purple drank by famous rappers and singers. Some are worth our time while others are weird jokes. The celebrities have made this drink very popular, and have led to the closure of Actavis, a major producer of codeine. Before you go all over the pharmaceutical stores to buy cough syrup, take some time to educate yourself on the lethal side effects of lean. Most of these songs on purple drank sizzurp have mentioned some of the side effects.


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