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After a long week of hard work, who does not want to party and drink? Well, every one does. To keep this trend more lively and enjoyable, bar owners and party hosts come up with new ideas to prepare drinks. Texas Tea or lean drink is the result of on of such experiments. We can usually hear the term purple drank or sizzurp, in particular between the young generation who is not aware of the ingredients of the purple drank sizzurp and its eventual effects on the people’s health. Yes, Sizzurp is a new drink in town and you must try it out when you go out for a party next time, but, do read this article before you get addicted to this drink. Educate yourself so that you do not harm your health.

How it is made?

First of all, we will mention the main ingredients of the purple drank sizzurp.

  • Cough Syrup
  • Jolly rancher
  • Sprite
  • Codeine
  • Promethazine

Codeine is the popular opiate which is responsible for the immediate burst in your mood. The second one is antihistamine which gives you a drowsy effect. To make this drink more delicious and tasty, people mix Jolly Ranchers candy or Sprite to it. However, you can also prepare some of your own lean drink by mixing it with Vodka.

Background of the sizzurp and its effects

Now, when you know the ingredients, you should familiarize yourself with the background of this popular drink. People who tried the drink, testified that the lean could be bad for the whole metabolism. They have reported few other side effects of this drink and some of these are mentioned below.

  • paleness
  • constipation
  • unreasonable movements
  • speech and voice issues

It makes us wonder whether you should try this drank and which repercussions it could have on your well-being. If overdosed, you will probably get addicted to this drink which will damage your reflex system.

This drink is popular due to it’s easy to prepare recipe and also the lesser harm on health when compared to other recreational drinks. It is not that dangerous when you take it in limit. This drink recenlty got immense popularity and also comming under the scaner of drug control organizations. However, if you maintain the dosage and do not take this drink regularly, this should be fine.

When we talk about the history of the drank, we must mention the death cases it brought due to the abuse. Famous stars such as rapper Pimp C died after the overdose of the product. His life is the reminder that sizzurp was responsible for the state he had during last few years of his life. DJ Screw and Big Moe are also the victims of the abuse of lean drank.

Footballers and NFL starts were also involved in some of the sizzurp abuse cases. JaMarkus Russel is a former Ocklands star who was arrested as he possessed the cough syrup without a prescription. Also, there is the case of Lil Wayun who was hospitalized after taking too much cough syrup.

Once you go through all these cases about the sizzurp abuse, You must admit that they are not so encouraging and positive when you abuse this substance. You can definitely enjoy this drink once in a while but never get addicted to it. However, if you take this substance in limit then this drink will not do any harm to your health.

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