What is the dosage of Lean Drink? Can You Overdose?

What is purple drank?

“Purple Drank” is the mixture of sprite and jelly with codeine (an opiate) and Promethazine (an antihistamine), both found already mixed in the cough syrup.  This lean drink became famous due to its taste and lesser side effects. But, can you overdose this substance? Well, you should not overdose any recreational drug and sizzurp is no exceptional. So, what should you know about purple drank consumption?

There are some limitations about the consumption of this substance and you should follow certain rules and conditions to avoid any health hazard.lean drink

You should not drink the Codeine in doses larger than 350 mg

Codeine is one of the most common opiates used today in the legal drug market. It was discovered in 1832, and it is usually prescribed for mild pain, and it is also usually combined with other drugs such as paracetamol and aspirin. Together, these drugs interact with the nervous system and increase the pain threshold of the patient. That is to say; they do not make the pain go away; it just makes you more resistant to it.

The promethazine is the most dangerous of them

It is a powerful sedative. It is commonly used to sedate people before minor surgery and to calm restlessness and agitation that may be a consequence of some psychiatric condition. It is also generally prescribed to treat patients who suffer from chronic insomnia due to its strong sedative effects. If you come across people complaining how their medicine makes them feel sleepy all day, it may be due to the addition of promethazine to their regular treatment.

The main side effect of this powerful medicine is confusion and drowsiness. It degrades your respiratory system and your movements become slower than usual.

Codeine has a “ceiling effect” after a dosage of 300 to 400mg. It will stop being metabolized after this threshold and this can last for more than 4 hours.

Adding alcohol to the mix can increase the danger!

lean drinkCodeine and promethazine are relatively safe drugs when they are used without any other interaction. Mixing lean drink with other drugs is a no no. The mixture becomes a dangerous substance that can ruin your health. Purple Drank is usually mixed with sprite and beer; this is where the danger lies.

Can you overdose?

The main risk of purple drank overdose is passing out and motor malfunction. Since the sedative effect of purple drank makes your body slower, your breathing rhythm also decreases and you can have a respiratory arrest. Many rappers have died as a consequence of careless lean drink use since this beverage is highly linked to hip-hop and rap communities. So, to avoid any long term addiction and withdrawal problem and to be at the safer side, do not overdose purple drank sizzurp.



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