Lean is a slang word for a recreational drink made from prescription cough syrup. It is often mixed with soft drinks like sprite, mountain dew and Jolly ranchers with candy. This drink is typically drank from Styrofoam double cups. However, cup of lean is a popular but dangerous substance to get addicted to.

cup of leanFor decades, sizz has been closely associated with the hip hop community. The use of purple Actavis became popular in the 1980s and 1990s in the Houston rap scene. One notable hip hop producer, Dj Screw, began to produce a distinct style of chopped-and-screwed music. This music included slowed down beats, scratched records, skipped beats and deeper, lower vocals.

This style of music was greatly influenced by sizzurp since the effects of the drink, like a slow heart rate, were closely related to the chopped-and-screwed style of music.

The popularity of cup of lean grew with the rise of famous artists who often sipped the drink. They include Dj Screw, Big Moe, Big Hawk and Botany Boyz. Some local rappers were featured in tapes talking about ‘pouring up in double cups.’

Sizzurp continued to be more glamorized in hip hop culture even in the 2000s. For instance, Memphis Three 6 Mafia’s hit ‘Sipping on some Sizzurp’ brought purple drank to nationwide attention.

Most of the today’s high-profile sizz sippers were introduced to dirty sprite by the 90s and 2000s rappers. By simply listening to hip hop music or watching music videos, they have been greatly lured into abusing this drug.

The recognition of purple drank has continued to spread in the United States and even internationally.
Some rappers have posted photos of double cups on social media. Teens and young people who imitate them often get influenced by these posts. The question is, why do rappers use two Styrofoam cups?


Here are the reasons behind double cup of lean

  • When sipping, the cup sweats, the way a glass of ice-cold water would. The double cup prevents the drink from slipping out of your hands.
  • It is a silent way of announcing what is in your cup. The drank users can easily identify each other just by spotting double cups.
  • A double cup protects the drink from heat, especially during the summer. The extra cup acts as an insulator.
  • It keeps ice on the drink cold
  • Double cups prevent dirty sprite from leaking through pores in the foam.
  • One cup of lean may contain the soft drink, and the other has the real sizzurp. When mixed, the cocktail is eventually held in two cups.
  • Other rappers claim to use double cups simply because it is a culture that has existed since the invention of Texas Tea.

In the rap community, drank has proved to be extremely life-threatening. The ‘originator,’ Dj Screw, died at age twenty-nine due to codeine overdose and mixed drug intoxication. His protégé, Big Moe, died at thirty-three due to a heart attack triggered by purple syrup use. These are just two examples of many deaths that have been reported.

lean drug

As much as there have been warnings against abusing cup of lean, top rappers continue to romanticize the drink in their lyrics.

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