Why is Lean drug so Famous?

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last twenty years, lean is a drug that contains codeine and promethazine cough syrup. This lean drug has been widely abused over the years and was made famous mostly by famous rappers that took a liking to abusing the drug. People usually pour the cough syrup into a cup of grape soda, and then call it purple drank. I want to warn some of you young people out there what happens if you abuse this drug, and why it can become extremely dangerous.drinking lean


The main ingredient, codeine, comes from the Asian poppy plant and has a chemical make-up similar to heroin. That being said, if you take this drug for an extended period of time, then you will become both emotionally and physically dependent on the drug. If you stop using lean abruptly, then you could get sweats, cold chills, feel violently ill, throw up, have hallucinations, and experience severe irritability. If you are ever prescribed this medicine you should only take it as directed by your physician or you could end up with these uncomfortable symptoms or even worse, which we will talk about shortly.

How Dangerous lean drug is?

lean drugPurple drank, or lean as some know it, is extremely dangerous and can kill you if you take too much of it. Normally, when a person overdoses on any kind of opioid medication, then they go into either respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, or both. That means your breathing will stop, and you will pass out. If someone doesn’t find you and call an ambulance fast enough, then you will die.

Common symptoms associated with overdosing on opioids are rapid breathing, shallow breathing, slurred speech, pinpoint pupils, and if the person has had a serious overdose, then their face usually turns blue or purple when their respiratory system has shut down. If you see a person having any of these symptoms, then you need to call an ambulance right away, because you could be the only one capable of saving their lives. Don’t be a bystander, instead, be a hero.

Other Side Effects

Habitual users of codeine cough syrup usually suffer long term side effects from the lean drug that include painful urination, constipation, constant drowsiness, lack of motivation, stomach pain, and unusual changes in mood. If you haven’t been subscribed this medication, then it can also be extremely dangerous to try for the first time as well because you could have a potentially deadly unknown allergy to codeine. Many people experience extreme itchiness, swollen throat, swollen tongue, and hives.

sizzurp drink

If you are given this medication and experience these severe side effects while in a medical facility, then they can be reversed at a rapid pace, but if you take this medication recreationally for the first time and have these side effects, then you might not get help in time. Do yourself and your family a favor and stay away from recreational drugs, because they can and will kill you.


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