How will purple drank sizzurp be like in the next 50 years

Lean drug has been in existence for a number of years now. It has been in use precisely by the hip hop community since long time ago and thus has gained popularity over the years. Generally, it is made from a cough syrup and is mixed with candy for sweetening and soda as well. Lean drink recipe is easily accessible owing to the fact that the syrup used to make it is medication for coughs. We recommend you to try our ready-made purple drank sizzurps which are made of 100% legal ingredients and approved as safe to consume.

lean drink recipeSizzurp has attracted big names in the hip-hop industry including the rapper Lil Wayne who has been addicted to it and has gotten several complications resulting from its usage. He has admitted difficulty in leaving the drug due to serious addiction which has affected his health direly. Lean is not dangerous when taken in the right way and correct amount and with correct ingredients that we use in our purple drank products. Let’s see what will be changed in next coming years for purple drank sizzurp.

It will be less dangerous and safe to use

To make this happen, lean drink recipe has a lot to do with. The danger arises when the drug is consumed in large amounts and with wrong ingredients because the drug has promethazine in it which is a depressant of the central nervous system. Codeine present in the drug as well is a respiratory depressant. Codeine taken in large amounts can cause one to stop breathing which practically leads to death completely. But, this fate is about to change and we are here with an answer. After many years of research, we have come up with ingredients such as nootropics (Phenibut, Kava, etc.), vitamins and other minerals that make our sizzurp the safest and healthiest of all.

It will become more common

The addictive nature of the drug makes it difficult to stop its usage as the users would want more and more each time. This is also one of the reasons why probably 50 years on, sizzurp will become more common and lean drink recipe will become more aceptable. The usage of the drug is infectious as once one person starts to use it, the next would be quickly influenced to follow suite.lean drink recipe

Hip hop is another factor that is furthering the usage of sizzurp. The popularity of this drink has been mainly because of the influence hip hop has had over the years. As hip hop is famous and has a lot of fans, the message sent through the music reaches a lot of individuals. This message may be furthering the usage of drugs including the lean syrup. Hip hop culture is infectious, and thus the fans often want to look like the hip hop stars. For example, a lot of young peeps would want to imitate Lil Wayne even if what they are imitating is wrong. This would make them copy even the usage of drugs and narcotics in due process.

Young people would want to look trendy and thus wouldn’t want to be left behind by anything whether positive or negative. Lean syrup has been a wave that has swept over teens and is likely to continue this way as its popularity is still on the rise. With its popularity rising, most people are getting to know about the lean thus becoming users and influencing more. Chances are in the years to come, purple drank will be a household name and not just that but a social drink to use for many people.

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