Withdrawal symptoms of purple sizzurp drink

None of the trends stays long. If you are not paying enough attention, you suddenly discover yourself out of new trends. T.V. shows to food and drinks, nothing can escape from becoming a trend and being forgotten a little later if the audience gets tired quickly. Same goes with purple drank sizzurp. It’s trendy, sparkling, tasty and addictive. Be careful, enjoy the taste of sizzurp drink but do not over do it for the sake of your health.

What is it? And Why is it purple?

It is a drink made with soda, candies and cough syrup. It is used as a recreational drug, and since cough syrup is not illegal, this drink has found a legal path to settle in many different contexts. It is, however, very common to see being associated with music, rap, and hip-hop culture.

The name comes from the color, and the color comes basically from the syrup. Although, some other versions and combinations of purple drank contain only purple candies.drinking lean

Effects of sizzurp drink

The main ingredients in cough syrup are codeine and promethazine. Codeine is a powerful sedative, and therefore you would feel relaxed, it is used for treating pain. One of the problems is that the body develops tolerance to the drug and so the user tends to increase the dose to reach the same sedative state. It is where you need to be careful. Do not take lean drug too regularly to avoid tolerance to this drug.

Promethazine is an antihistamine and it blocks the sites where histamine acts. It affects how your body reacts to local immune threats. It makes your body go slower too, you can feel sleepy, and your breathing also slows down.

Withdrawal symptoms

If lean drank was just about soda, the withdrawal symptoms would be just feeling sleepy because your brain would stop receiving that huge amount of sugar. The effects that can follow after somebody stops drinking for a long period are the ones derived from the active ingredients in cough syrup: codeine and promethazine.

sizzurp drink

Codeine is a highly addictive opiate, and therefore the withdrawal symptoms are also heavy. However, the length and severity of them can vary from one individual to another.

This may include headaches and insomnia, mild fever and feeling nauseous. The risk of dehydration is also high, and this is something that many people overlook but they shouldn’t. Dehydration is a very serious symptom that can be solved easily just by drinking some liquids; juices are the best option since they contain minerals and vitamins as well.

The best way to deal with withdrawal is taking advice and guidance of a professional. They would likely recommend lowering the dose little by little so that the body does not feel the sudden change. In some cases, they would also prescribe some other drugs to battle the symptoms, ironic but true.

The prolonged use of sizzurp drink can lead to serious dependency and therefore when the person tries to quit, the withdrawal symptoms kick in.



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